Low output vs. high output cartridges


How different Hana ML sounds than Hana MH? I wonder if anybody compared, not necessarily these two, but any cartridge model LO and HO versions.



I should add that my opinion is based on the MC category. Among MC cartridges I have consistently found the LO versions to be superior to HO, but higher output MI and MM cartridges also outperform HOMC types.
Absolutely, The problem for high output MC's is that they have to have many more windings to generate the high output. This greatly increases even doubles the effective mass of the moving system of the cartridge. This is bad on several levels. The first is that the cartridge is not going to track as well. Second is that increasing the mass lowers the resonance frequency of the cartridge frequently down into the upper audio range giving these cartridges a shrill character. This can be partially negated by stiffening the suspension at the risk of tracking ability. In this sort of device the key to high performance is the lowest effective mass which is one of the reasons these cartridges are more expensive. The materials to do this are exotic and expensive. Some of them are difficult to machine, etc. This is the reason so many prefer the ultra low output MCs but for most Phono amps that is a step too far. 
that is about as comprehensive and to the point as it gets: great post
Dear @knock1 : Agree that normally low output MC cartridges performs better than HO ones but ( and always exist a " but ". ) 2mv seems not very high output if we take in count that the extremely expensive top of the line vdH LOMC cartridge " the Grand Cru " comes with output level options where goes from 0.38mv to at least 1.1mv and you have to pay for it over 20K dollars.

Today new techniuqe and choice of magnets made things a little easy on construction for use less wire windings at the coils.

You need to test it to really know about with today MC cartridge latest models as the Hanna or Sumiko.

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Thank you all for responses. I am aware of technical differences between these two types. I have Hana MH and like it very much, however I find its presentation of vocals little bit "recessed", very clean and detailed but recessed, eg. Knopfler beginning vocal of Brothers in Arms track seems to be at very low level.  I wonder if switching to Hanna ML would address this issue.


If it was all about moving mass, then MI cartridges would outperform other types, and HOMCs would have an edge on MMs. I don’t find that to be the case. Here we have yet another case of connecting a physical fact, the lower moving mass of LOMC’s versus HOMC’s, and a aural finding, how the cartridges sound, and making a conclusion, with no data that actually speak to the question. So at least for me, I don’t know why I have generally found HOMC cartridges to be inferior to the rest. But that’s what I hear.
Lewm, many people do prefer MI designs. They are uniformly great trackers. As for their sound, as you imply that is a matter of personal taste. The Grado Statement is certainly up there with the best MC cartridges. MM cartridges can also have pretty low effective masses now with smaller rare earth magnets, ultra small diamonds and boron cantilevers. Listen to a Clearaudio Charisma when you get the chance.
But, in comparing low to high output moving coils there is no comparison.
I would go with a good MM cartridge before a high output MC.
One more thing, the differences in effective mass between the best MI, MM and MC cartridges is not that great. The generator be it coils, irons or magnets is right on top of the fulcrum and contributes less to the effective mass of the cartridges moving system than the diamond and cantilever which are way out in left field.