LP Cleaning Services

I don’t visit the Analog section section often, so forgive me if this has been covered, but I was unable to pull any thread up that addressed this particular topic.

  I am definitely a Digital Guy, but I did recently purchase a Technics Direct Drive table, which I am using with an Ortofon 2M Blue and a phono preamp from Cambridge Audio.  I am very pleased with the Sonics.  I don’t however intend to buy many lps, if for no other reason than I am in downsizing mode, and am trying to confine it to old favorites (my several hundred lps were destroyed in a flood years ago) that are not currently available digitally.

  I recently bought two, from a well respected lp resale shop, and they are both dirty as all get up.  I am not blaming the store, as far as I am concerned its  caveat emptor.  I don’t really feel like investing in an expensive and space occupying lp cleaning machine for cleaning a small handful of lps.

  My question is: are there businesses that one can pay buy the lp to clean lps?  Preferably with an ultrasonic cleaner?  My local googling reveals home cleaning services and the aforementioned lp cleaning machines, but not per lp services.  I asked at two second hand lp stores and although they had machines for use in the store for their own purposes, they weren’t making it available to customers.  



I've enquired about the drop offs at Val's and OP Records before and both said that don't really do it anymore.  Have you spoken with Pure-grooves?



I have been in email contact with them.  They just told me the best way to be in contact was to drop off records at Val’s, although Val’s didn’t mention their service.

  I will probably drive to Berwyn over the weekend and update you here

Yes, there are businesses that offer LP cleaning services. Many record stores and audio restoration companies offer ultrasonic cleaning services for LPs. This can involve a manual cleaning process with special solutions and tools or an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Prices can vary depending on the type of cleaning service you require and how many LPs you need cleaning. You can also hire a professional audio restoration specialist to clean your LPs at home. They will bring their own cleaning supplies and machines, so you don't have to worry about buying or renting one yourself.


There's a record store nearby that cleans discs for $6 each.

Does that sounds reasonable?

I have emailed every local record store a few months ago and none offered cleaning services nor they clean the LPs before selling them. Yet, every single one of them had one or to cleaning machines near their registers.

I was finally told that the friendly audio store (we have non-friendly ones as well) lets you clean them for $0.50 with a VPI. So that’s what I did. I would pay up to $5 per record. I don’t see how anything above that is not a ripoff (for people from Planet Earth with midfi, not for the folks who spend 10K on cables)