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I'm puzzled about the offers for  Linear Power Supplies to power a ROON NUCLEUS or other CORE device . How can this improve SQ when all the music flows through network cables?PS: I'm sure the question was asked 1000 times but I didn't find a thread.RegardsOliivier

This falls into the "Everything Matters/Does Not" area of audiophile debate. Some people think that everything the signal passes through affects the sound quality that comes out of your speakers, or in this case the equipment that carries the electricity to the component that the music passes through matters.

Those on the "Everything Matters" side of the debate say that the power supply in the Nucleus is compromised in order to keep the price of the Nucleus down and that the sound can be improved by putting a better power supply in front of the internal power supply of the Nucleus.

There are many examples of things that the general consensus was that they could not affect the sound but it turned out that they did affect the sound when someone tried something better. At one time there was no interconnect and cable industry. Everyone used those cheap red and white plastic "patch cords" that you get with any cheap product that has RCA outputs and the power cords that came with the component were like the ones your lamp uses and were attached permanently.

The only way to find out for sure if an LPS improves the sound of your system is to get one (with a free return if not satisfied policy) and try it. Your system may or may not be revealing enough to hear any difference an LPS might make or the difference may not be worth the money to you or the LPS just may not make a difference in your system or the LPS might make a big difference.

I don’t think there’s any scientific proof that an LPS attached to your Nucleus will improve the sound, it’s just that audiophiles can be obsessive about their systems and will try just about anything to improve it and sometimes they find things that you wouldn’t think would make a difference but do.

Hope this helps.
I have 2 NAIM servers ( Atom w stripped down operating system ). They come from factory w SMPS w ferrite choke. I get better sonics with Teddy Pardo LPS. Importantly the system benefits because the SMPS is not dumping junk back into my AC line. All my remaining SMPS go thru a stand alone Furman power conditioner on a dedicated line.

You got great advice from poster above - try it and hear ?

Let us know what you observe.

Best, Jim
If you are using Roon Nucleus as a transport to connect directly to a DAC, then a linear power supply will definitely improve the sound (as long as your audio system has the resolution to show this difference).  If you have soft or laid back amps/speakers, you might not see this improvement.

Teddy Pardo has a Roon/NUC power supply:


But you can also look for a 19V 3.5A (or 4A / 5A) power supply.  Teradak may have one on ebay that is less than Teddy Pardo.