Does adding a steamer to a Roon Nucleus / server improve audio output

A generic question for the forum.  I have been told adding a dedicated streamer or network bridge to a server ( in my case a Roon Nucleus) improve the resultant audio output?  
Any input would be appreciated.
It depends on your hardware

We are the importer for the 432Evo music server a roon core and endpoint we have tested our server vs a roon nucleus and pcs and the sound quality was very much improved

Dave and troy
Audio intellect nj
432evo importers
I had a Roon nucleus running directly to a dac for a little while, but adding an Auralic Aries G2.1 made a nice improvement. I was hoping that it wouldn’t have made that much of an improvement, but it does.
I have a Small Green Computer SonicTransporter, which is essentially a Nucleus. I use it with a Sonore Microrendu streamer/endpoint going into my DAC, and it's fed by the SGC. It’s an improvement. You could step up to the UltraRendu or Optical model which is said to be an improvement but I like the MicroRendu just fine.

"The microRendu is an audiophile microcomputer music player with Ethernet input and USB Audio output. The microRendu utilizes a proprietary printed circuit board with only the essential components. The microRendu is small and lightweight. Connect the microRendu directly to your USB DAC via a USB cable or hard adapter eliminating the need for a USB cable. Don’t let the size fool you the microRendu has been designed to take into consideration all that is important to USB Audio. The microRendu is easy to configure and can accept audio streams from several digital sources."
If you are looking for high sound quality it is a requirement. PCs are very noisy. My first streamer was a Auralic G2, then I moved to Aurender and now own their flagship W20SE. Each a major improvement. Now my digital side is as satisfying to listen to as my analog end. I hesitated buying a streamer for well over a decade, my various devices and Apple notebook running on battery seemed sufficient as it was just sending out bits… I was completely wrong. It is just like analog, all components matter, but the closer you are to,the source the more they matter. Put a bit of noise in the source and you just amplify it. My system has never sounded anywhere as it does today, and my streamer and amp are the most expensive components.