LS50 Wireless fail, or is old gear that good?

After ready so much positive info on the LS50W, I gave them a try but was massively disappointed compared to my (much) older gear.
I set up the LS50's via Ethernet and WiFi playing HiRes files from NAS and Tidal via Roon, then compared the same tracks via WiFi to Roon on an iPhone>Dragonfly Red>ARC SP9 (1987)>Threshold amp (1980's)>Martin Logan Aerius i (1999). Wasn't even close.
Especially on female vocals, the sense of realism, timbre, air, etc was notably superior on the old system. I played around with the KEF DSP, room placement and even switched rooms.I really wanted the KEF's to work, but no luck.

So, am I missing something with the LS50W, or is the old stuff just that good?

Update- I’ve called KEF about my LS50w and they are working with me!
I have to give them props for helping out on a trade in!!
Big kuddos to KEF once again, I don’t feel left out in the cold and they’ve converted me to lifetime KEF guy!
it might’ve been I just got a bad pair, that will be replaced by KEF for a new KEF pair
I heard the original LS50 at a dealer, and was massively disappointed as well, so they might just not be for everyone, or just as likely, they might need the right room and setup to work well - though you'd think an ultra high end dealer like the one I visited would know these things...
I am coming from a different newlywed daughter and son in law have $2,000 set aside for a stereo system and the easiest way to deliver in their budget was an all in one speaker like the Kef ls50 wireless of the Dynaudio XEO 20.  Going the other way I would need to purchase speakers, integrated amp and dac capable of streaming from tidal, spotify,etc. If the dac had a volume control that could go directly into the amp then could get an amp instead of the integrated amp.   
Kef LS50W is practically worthless without an outboard streamer such as the Bluesound node 2i.  Constantly dropping out via their own wifi.  Dynaudio Xeo is a great comparison to the LS50W and surprising they don't get talked about more.  I like the sound easily just as much as the LS50W, it's different in a good way.