Lucinda Williams' Stories From A Rock n Roll Heart.


I can’t wait to read it. I met Lucinda at Club Lingerie on Sunset Blvd. in the mid-80’s, long before her Car Wheels album came out. She and I were both there to see and hear her then-husband’s band The Long Ryders. She was very shy, averting her eyes as we were being introduced. I instantly fell in love with her.

I started going to all her local shows, including one she and her 4-pc. band gave in a pizza parlor to a crowd of a half-dozen. I was living in Sherman Oaks, a few blocks from the indi record store (Moby Disc) on Ventura Blvd. she was working in for awhile. I’d often see her standing behind the cash register, staring off into space. Composing lyrics, perhaps.


That’s a really cool story, thanks for sharing. I have been a fan a long time and have seen her live twice. The first time was at the Disco Rodeo in NC, great show. The second time was at Bristol Rhythm n Roots festival. Not great, seemed like she phoned it in that night.

@ozzy62: Lucinda is not a polished, professional entertainer, that's for sure. Every time I've seen her live, she has had a music stand in front of her, upon which sits a 3-ring binder with pages of song lyrics. After she finishes one song, she turns the page in her binder to the next song in the set.

She led her band into the beginning of one song the time I saw her at The Troubadour in L.A., and after singing the opening line of the song stopped her band. She had been playing the song's chords on her acoustic guitar in the wrong key, clashing with the chords Gurf Morlix was playing on his Telecaster. Oops!  

What’s the difference between a music stand in front or a teleprompter on the floor? 😀

The difference is those who use a teleprompter are trying to hide the fact that they are using one---thereby creating the impression of "professionalism". Lucinda is unconcerned with such matters: she's an artist, not a mere entertainer.

I like the Car Wheels On A Gravel Road album. But many times, she sounds so bored with slurred words.

And, she kinda looks like Neil Young's sister...


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