Lumin or Aurender

I have about 4k for a new streamer. I was looking into Lumin and Aurender. I need a streamer with an Integrated DAC. 
Also looking at NAD M10. Which of these is best in terms of performance, reliability, value ? I watched a YouTube review by Michael Borzenkov, a well regarded Russian audio reviewer, who claimed he couldn't tell a difference between vinyl and A100.  Currently running Blusound node 2 into Mac c2600 dac. Thoughts?
I have about 6TB of music on a external hard drive. Can this hard drive be utilized with any of the Aurender or Lumin units?

We are Lumin specialist and sell Lumin now over 5 years of time. We are now even successful in many other countries. In one week of time, we had 3 new clients from Germany. As we more and more get clients from the US as well.

They read our reviews and read about the way we work. The money will never give you more success. But the right skills and knowledge can bring you so much further. We have done a lot of research in digital audio together with the help of different specialists. What makes us able to create new levels in digital audio.

We do audio by Tru-Fi what stands for True Fidelity. True Fidelity means in our world all the different aspects that sound is founded on. Audio is all about sound and music. When you judge sound and music on the aspects it is built on, you will understand that you need all those aspects of sound.

All the different aspects of sound can independently influence human emotion when you are listening to music, You will find them on the recording you use. We have done a lot of research and comparisons with many different DACS and network players.

The facts show unfortunately that many DACS and network players are often limited in the (layering) diversity of sound. We are talking about just 1 aspect of sound that is even limited. The reason for that is often based on ignorance. Most people who even work in audio know very little about sound and music. The harmonics of each recording are essential to experience the full emotion of each individual song you play.

When you do not understand sound and music, it is impossible to understand audio just even a little. The fact that most people in audio do audio by trial&error is proof that people make choices even without a real foundation.

Lumin makes good network players but not ultimate ones. What we do together with the best specialists regarding modifications, electro-smog, high-frequency noise, and magnetism creating new standards that are in result superior to anything you can buy at many different price ranges.

The thing I love most about audio is the fact that each individual person will always choose for that particular audio product or even system that creates the highest level of emotion. This can only be reached when you have access to all aspects of sound. And that all the aspects that negative influence sound and stage are being limited.

But this is not for sale. You can not buy a source or DAC that can reveal all aspects of sound. And are free from negative influences by electro-smog, high-frequency noise, and magnetism. So we create it ourselves. This creates new levels which exceed all the levels you know and auditioned.

Even a Lumin D2+modified Sboosrer outperforms the Lumin T2 for 4498 euros. This combination is just 2698 euros. But when you add a modified Sbooster to the T2 it becomes a different level and much more layered compared to the standard Lumin T2.

We have a Pro modification for the D1, D2, T2, and even for the U1 and U12 mini. I wanted to bring them all to a superior level compared to the standard versions. For example, the capacitors Lumin uses in the D1, D2, T2, and Ui mini are only a few dollars apiece. We use capacitors even from 60 euros apiece.

By using parts during our modifications to reduce the influence of electro-smog, high-frequency noise, and magnetism we get access to a much more dynamic range, more layers, and even more resolution. Due to research, we can bring many different audio products to a superior level that was not possible before.

Our modified The Silent Bonn N8 and modified AudioFacts Sbooster 5v brought us even further in digital audio. It improved all aspects of sound individual. And proved how much more dynamic range, layers, and details you can create for digital audio.

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