Lumin upgrade - built-in or separate DAC?

I've got the rest of my system sounding nice enough and since I mostly use my NAS or stream Tidal nowadays, I want to upgrade my digital front end from a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ and Bluesound Node 2 (used as a streamer only) to something better. My local audio store says I will notice a huge improvement if I upgrade the streamer only and continue to use my current (Mytek) DAC. He suggested going with the Lumin U1 mini and a Sbooster linear power supply. I am already using a Sbooster for my DAC and have a Shunyata power cord on my Node 2. 

Does anyone have experience going from separate streamer and separate DAC to a combined unit? 
My thought is that if I have an "all in one" streamer/DAC, I can get rid of having to use 2 units that need cables to connect and less wires/connection in the signal path and ultimately better sound.

Here's what I'm considering (in no particular order):

*Save $ for about a year to buy the Lumin X1
*Buy a used Lumin S1
*Buy the full size Lumin U1 and use my current Mytek DAC
*Buy the Lumin U1 mini, another Sbooster and use my current Mytek DAC.

The rest of the system is pretty good (in my humble opinion). I have all the other pre-requisites such as good speakers, amp, speaker cables, dedicated lines with 10ga wiring, digital cable, interconnects. The other items I'm working on is room treatment and making stands to get the speakers right at ear level. 

The classic digital quandary: one box or two for streaming and DAC tech. Pros and cons for both.

I am a Linn guy but am interested in Lumin. Looking at your choices: quite the price range. From what I have read the Lumin U1 is a great choice for those who want a solid streamer (that gets solid software updates) while keeping DAC options flexible. I am interested in the U1 as a streamer and the Audio Mirror Trubadour SE III DAC...
I like the idea of separates. To me the DAC as a separate upgrade path might have the most potential for achieving the sound you ultimately want. It's the route I've been taking anyway.
It might be worth mentioning: 

The Lumin S1 and the X1 are streamer/DAC combos, but as I understand it, they can also be used with a separate/external DAC- in case better DAC's come around later.


When you say you're looking to upgrade to "something better" what qualities are you looking to improve upon? You will need to spend a bit to get a significantly better DAC (which would make the most difference) but if you did that you'd certainly want a better streamer as well.  I like the flexibility of separates so I'd probably get the U1 Mini w/SBooster now and see if that gets you to musical least for a while Over the next months or year to come perhaps you'll identify DACs that appeal to you and the U1 mini definitely is suitable for standalone DACs of much higher cost and refinement.  
I may have a better idea for you. Be patient while it comes to the U.S. but meanwhile check out the new 432EVO streamer. There are three levels to choose from. Take a look.
When you say you're looking to upgrade to "something better" what qualities are you looking to improve upon?

I hope to get the same level of sound improvement as when I changed from the Node 2 DAC to the Mytek. I hope to have a wider soundstage and a little more impact. I have plenty of depth, but it's all behind the speakers. Just like all the other upgrades, I can only hope it delivers something better than what I have now using the Node 2 as the streamer.

It seems the only way to really learn anything in this hobby is to experiment- which means $$. 

In a covid free world, I wish there were some kind of audio shop or club that hosts an event every so often where they showcase the difference in cables, amps, DAC's, streamers, cartridges, etc. I'd be an instant customer. It'd take the sales people and BS out of the equation and my ears could do the buying. It's hard to trust buying from my local shop since they are a mfg, distributor and retailer. I've never heard them recommend anything they don't sell. I get they have to stay in business, but still. 
falconquest. Do you have one of these 432 EVO? I was reading another post where someone mentioned Wolf server, but no info is scarce on them. 
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Interesting.  I have the U1 but always thought the U1 mini came reasonably close in performance.  The isolation from the casing and power supply are definitely better in the U1 and plus the U1 can do DSD 512 and PCM 768Hz while the Mini only goes up to 256 and 384Hz.  Even dealers have strongly pushed for customers to go into the Mini.  I suppose this thread makes me glad I chose the U1.  I've heard the U1 really gets upgraded if you use the X1 power supply but I think that's an extra $2K and I'm not sure it's worth the bang for the buck.
Three easy payments: Does your U1 upsample cd quality flac to something better? If so, how is it?

what DAC are you using?
@veerossi  Yes, it upsamples  from 44.1kHz to DSD128.  You can find the complete specs here:

I'm using a Lampizator Atlantic TRP DAC and have the units connected with a Sablon 2020 USB.  Really enjoying the pairing.
Thanks for all the great advice. I appreciate you all.

3 eazy: I hear that Lampizator Atlantic TRP is an awesome DAC! You have a great setup. 

I decided to go with the S1. It should be an improvement over my Mytek DAC and also I get rid of 3 boxes (bluesound, Mytek and Sbooster). If I want to upgrade to a different DAC, the S1 has a digital out that can bypass the internal DAC, but I'm imagining I should be happy with the S1 setup as it is (hopefully).  
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@thewolfaudio  I've heard nice things about your gear but I'm pretty sure manufacturers aren't supposed to use this board to simply advertise their products. I'll let the admins weigh in.  Perhaps it is a free for all these days.
If you can use a good AES cable with your dac and the SQ is a priority, have a listen to Emm Labs ns1. Excellent streamer.
I don't think I've advertised my products at all. It was stated above that info on our products is scarce. I provided a few links but no context, no mention of any specific product. I've not weighed in on the difference between our products and another's, I'll let Wolf owners do that.
I appreciate the videos you sent. I found a few before your post, but didn’t see a few of the others. I ended up going with the S1, but would love to do a comparison at some point with the Wolf once this Covid thing [hopefully] gets under control. 
Just an update: The Lumin S1 sounds splendid! I have a much taller and wider soundstage, speakers disappear even more than before and quieter noise floor. I'm all set and the Lumin app works great. Waiting for a Shunyata Alpha digital power cord. I was wondering if you guys might have a suggestion for different interconnects? I currently have Cardas Golden Presence (RCA's). Anyone else have any interconnects you really like? These are all I've owned, so I'm not sure how they compare.

You asked: " falconquest. Do you have one of these 432 EVO? I was reading another post where someone mentioned Wolf server, but no info is scarce on them."

Sorry for the late reply but I first ran across this server while researching Lumin. I stumbled upon the British review of the unit and then had a little back and forth conversation with the reviewer. To answer your question, no I do not have one. I tend to research equipment to death before I make a purchase decision and as you say, there is little info. out there about them. There is U.S. Distribution in the works which should be introduced soon. I know who it is but I don't want to reveal that prior to introduction. I am waiting to see where the U.S. price comes in and also for some reviews. I'm interested in the mid-level Aeon since it is up-gradable to the top level Master. One thing I would change is, the Aeon comes with dual external S-Booster power supplies. It seems to me for aesthetic  purposes these could be housed in a single chassis to match the server. I wonder if that may be a future upgrade? I believe we will hear something soon and I patiently await the reviews.

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