Lumin X1 or dCS Bartok

Both of these beasts look like they could be that “forever purchase”. These are basically the newest offerings from both well respected companies and are within spitting distance of each other price wise  (without the Bartok headphone option installed). Anybody heard both and able to comment?
Re transformers, McIntosh uses transformers. They have their followers, but many people do not consider them high-end (coloration, pace, etc). At the same time, I think dCS cut corners with Bartok. Imagine you have a Ferrari and now you want to cut corners on it. I still remember some silly Mercedes Benz whose corners were so much cut that it no longer looked like Mercedes.I investigated 100s of forums and formed an opinion that both of these products have their MSRPs ballooned big time to begin with (the truth of the matter, though, is that the MSRPs of lower tiers, Mytek etc. are ballooned too).In conclusion, I think neither of these products can justify their hefty MSRP.
@fiza you have concluded that based on actually hearing these units?  
Or on the basis of forum research/
Fiza, your explanation of your findings is not based on fact.

Lumin uses Lundhal output transformers which acts as a buffer between the output stage and the incomming signal from the Luimin into the  preamplfier or power amplifier.

A Macintosh amplifier uses an autoformer as a load matching device which contains thousands of feet of wire, vs a the Lundhal which uses a tiny amount of wire in comparison to an output or load matching transformer.  

The Macintosh amplfiers use this technique to enable the amplifier to see a common load vs a direct coupled solid state amplfication stage which can provide enough current to power an arc welder. 

Also your assumptions on cost of the Lumin are just wrong, the case of both the power supply and main chassis are cut from solid billet aluminum this drives up costs dramatically and provides a very inert chassis, factor in the cost of the dac chips, two circuit boards the Lundhal output transformers, three high end toridial main power transformers you can see this is not an inexpensive product, that also doesn't take into consideration the rest of the costs in manufacturing, the importers profit, shipping and research and development.

The fact that the Lumin X1 compares to much more expensive front ends is testament to its value proposition. 

We have a store full of dacs, in order to beat the X1 you have to spend $30k- 50k, The X1 sounds dramatically better than the less expensive digital products.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Lumin dealers

I can’t imagine what corners were cut on the Bartok. Weighs a ton and it’s universally raved about. If one feels that the Bartok has corners cut the Rossini is there for 10k more. I think the Rossini has a more sophisticated power supply and a more luxurious box. It too is universally praised. Only the consumer can decide if the 10k is worth it. Better is always in conflict with good.