Luxman M-200? Anyone?

Hello to all,

Trying to find experiences from users of this little amp from Luxman? Not too much info around except a brief review from a store that represents Luxman....

Would like to know more about the sound signature of this amp..

Hello Cosmic
You really should listen for yourself, not many have tried it.

It’s a high bias, relatively simple amplifier with only one pair of output transistors (per the picture) and relatively high bias.

Since it is not listed it seems to lack the famous Luxman ODNF feedback loop of the larger amps.

So I expect it to be sweet, and do best with easy to drive loads. They describe it as ideal for desktop systems, which is a good guide.

However, given Luxman’s usual pricing, if you are looking for a desktop system you may want to consider an Ayre integrated instead, which will save you the cost of a pre.
Thanks for your reply..

Yes, not many infos from users about this amp, my intention maybe would be use two of they to bi-amp the super horn tweeters and radial horns of a loudspeaker that I'm planning to build..

It would be nice to know a little more about the sound signature of this amp... 
can be good, I also considering a 6 channel amp, or two 3 channel, it will be easy to configure the system, as all amps will have the same gain. loudspeakers are 3 way, woofer, horn, super tweeter.