Luxman PD 151 mk 1 or Feickert Volare

Price range is $3500-$4500, new or used. I'm considering a (likely used) Luxman pd 151 MARK 1 w/ the standard Jelco (250?) Arm or the Feickert Volare w/std Origin silver arm. If there was a dark horse 3rd option, it's a Kuzma (Pipe Bomb) Stabi S with a Jelco 250 or the like. I think all of the tables are very competent platforms so I think the Tonearm may be the deciding factor. I could see myself going with a Kuzma gimballed arm down the road, so future flexibility is important. As far as arm adjustments, the Jelco would have the edge because I could change the head shell out to another brand that would allow Azimuth adjustment. Beyond that the OL Silver and Jelco both allow VTA and anti-skate....This is a 2nd table for a second system...I want things to be simple and user friendly...sort of like how Technics users describe their experience of owning the 1500 or 1200G/GR. 


If the platter surface and the tonearm mounting board lie in parallel planes, which means the stylus sits squarely in the groove at 90 degrees azimuth, as should be the case for any well made TT, I’d sacrifice azimuth adjustment for other more important features.

Between the turntables at that level, select the one with the best tonearm.

The tonearm will make more difference/improvement in the sound than one or the other turntables

Thanks...I am leaning Luxman for this very reason. I think the Jelco, while not world class, has a strong reputation. And while I don't take reviews as the last word, the latest Stereophile review (of the Mk2) did inspire confidence. I  believe the reason Luxman now uses the Saec is only due to the Jelco no longer being in production.