Any thoughts on the Luxman PD 171

This unit is approx 7 years old. Are these units a step up from my VPI Traveler 2 w Dyanvector 20x2L? Not a lot of info in the threads or online. It is about a five hour drive so not so easy to listen. I am in the market for a new deck this year! Any thoughts are appreciated.

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I did see this review which certainly seemed positive. Hopefully some PD 171 can chime in.

The 171 has been discontinued. But if one is out there it's an excellent TT. I own one w/a Dyavector Karat 17DX. 

I elected to go for a Technics SL-1210 GAE for the new deck. I pick it up Jan 7th.    I am pretty stoked!

Very cool!  Hope that you got it at a decent price!!  I'd definitely rather go for the Technics.

Technics was definitely high on the list. I’ll need to make a bit of a journey to pick it up. Local sale only, Texas is big y’all!