Luxman PD 151 mk 1 or Feickert Volare

Price range is $3500-$4500, new or used. I'm considering a (likely used) Luxman pd 151 MARK 1 w/ the standard Jelco (250?) Arm or the Feickert Volare w/std Origin silver arm. If there was a dark horse 3rd option, it's a Kuzma (Pipe Bomb) Stabi S with a Jelco 250 or the like. I think all of the tables are very competent platforms so I think the Tonearm may be the deciding factor. I could see myself going with a Kuzma gimballed arm down the road, so future flexibility is important. As far as arm adjustments, the Jelco would have the edge because I could change the head shell out to another brand that would allow Azimuth adjustment. Beyond that the OL Silver and Jelco both allow VTA and anti-skate....This is a 2nd table for a second system...I want things to be simple and user friendly...sort of like how Technics users describe their experience of owning the 1500 or 1200G/GR. 


I own  the Volare and. PD-171A.

The Luxman has the advantage thar you can mount a cover which is very convenient. A fine piece of mechanical engineering. The Jelco based toneam is a very  good performer, very detailed and matching a wide vairiety of cartridges. If you want to grow in the future choose the 171 over the 151 as you can change tonearm basis.

The Volare does not have the same quality feeling. The advantage is that the armboard can be changed and there are a few upgrades you can make. It sounds very neutral. If you want to grow in the future I would go with one of the bigger brothers of Volare.

They both are very capable, but look different and sound different. A matter of taste.


I ended up buying the PD 151 mk 1. I've been quite impressed here in the early going. I think the Volare would have been fine, but I wanted to keep this second system simple. The removable head shell is really cool. I'm considering the following cartridges. One of the Clearaudio MM's... I guess the Maestro. I have also heard great things about the Sumiko MM's. My price range is $500-$1000, give or take a few bucks. 

Add Hana MH to your list of cartridges to consider if you are looking for high output. 

I was at my Audio Video Therapy this past Friday for their spring audio show Luxman was in attendance with the new 191A. Very impressive. I have a 171A and apparently in about 6 months you will be able to buy the new tonearm for the 171. The new arm is 10" in length. Could be a nice upgrade if you're a 171 owner.

You will need a new tonearm basis aswell. Do we know how good this new tonearm is?