Luxman Preamps

My Luxman M-10X power amp and Blade One Meta orders supposed to come in this month(I ordered them back in Aug). I'm having a hard time deciding what preamp to run the M-10X with. Right now, I have a Luxman 595ASE which I was going to use the front end as the M-10X preamp. However, the 595ASE is a class A integrate and draws full power as soon as it powered up. And it gets hot. So It may not be the best component to use as a preamp.

The best obvious choice would be the current C-900U but the problem I have with it is that a replacement C-10X is on the horizon for next year. However, it will cost quite a bit of money. Since my listening setting is "Line Straight" and do not need any of the tone control from the preamp, does it matter if I'm using C-900U or C-10X or any other older pream with line straight?

Are all "line straight" from Luxman preamps  the same? If this is the case, perhaps I can get a 507z, 509x, or future 509z integrate and use it as the front end of the M-10X power amp. The only thing I see here is that the integrates don't have a balance pre-out option like a dedicated preamp.


Why not use a LA4 with the ABH2 monos on the blade 2m if you like the benchmark so much? 

The AHB2 monos will not cut it with the Blade 2 Meta, no matter what that Stereophile review says. I love the AHB2 but it won’t sound over the top great with the Blade 2 Meta. There is not enough power in those amps for the Blades. I had the Thiel CS3.7 recently with the AHB2 and I loved it and hated it at the same time. Not enough power.

The following amps had a better power match with the Thiel:



Parasound A21+

D-Sonic something

LSA Voyager 350 GAN

All these amps drove the Thiel more dynamically, more oomph!

I sent an email to KRELL today and got news that the new KRELL KSA i400 amp was released today. That is what I will use with the Blade 2 Meta and the Benchmark LA4 preamp.


I just bought the Luxman CL-38uC and it’s gorgeous and it sounds amazing.  I would highly recommend.

Some of us are suggesting tubes into your SS amp.

Have you or will you consider, or have you ruled tubes out???

Here is a New Luxman Tube Preamp


As for one sounding ’better’, I think, not better but ’different’, I preferred ____

Most tube preamps I have had/listened to have been 12_____.

This one, like my Little Luxman SQ-N150 uses E88cc

I don’t tend to tube roll (unless something sounds bad/wrong), generally they sound great, off I go for say 5 years. Tubes are not big maintenance as some think.



I have the Luxman m900 and for now I’m just using the Aurender A20 as the preamp. Waiting to see what come out and from what I read if you only use digital a preamp might not offer much.