Lyngdorf and Phono Stages

I am considering bringing in a Lyngdorf TDAI 2170 or 3400 for an audition and would like to get some feedback with owners or former owners who play a lot of vinyl. It appears that acclaim for the Lyngdorf with digital is universal, but I have read some mixed reports on how it sounds with vinyl.

I guess my questions are these:

1) What phono stages have people used and loved with the Lyngdorf? What phono stages have not been a good match, due to impedance mismatch or some other reason?

2) Are the sonic characteristics of the phono stage still apparent, or does the Lyndorf put its own stamp on the music? In other words, is there a house sound with the Lyngdorf? I experienced this with a Devialet that I had a few years ago and felt my analog playback lost a good bit of its magic in the conversion process.

3) Is there a difference between the 2170 and 3400 with regard to vinyl playback?

Since I have a square room with a cathedral ceiling and little wiggle room for room treatments beyond a thick rug and audio-friendly furniture, I am intrigued what the room correction feature of the Lyngdorf might do for my system. On the other hand, I need to be sure that I will be good to go with vinyl, which I play about 50 percent of the time.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

You have asked the questions that I also was ready to ask. I have the declutter bug and would like to not have seperate SS, tube amps, seperate DAC, cables etc. Also rebuilding my analog rig and am considering a HO MC or MI cartridge. Funny enough, not yet finished, we but also have a  square room with vaulted ceiling.
Im entrigued with tektons without yet having heard them. The all digital domain in the Lyngdorf that switches to analog only at the end stage I believe is one of the best approaches but not sure how this translates when the signal begins as analog. 
Any info on the Lyngdorf phono stage in the 3400 would be appreciated. Dave H 

Hi Dave,
I made the move to the Lyngdorf TDAI-3400, and sold my DAC and integrated amp. I still have an Allnic H1201, so there are still some tubes in my system, and I must tell you that even though I was skeptical of how vinyl would sound through the Lyngdorf, I am very pleased with it. To my ears, it sounds very natural and musical. 

I have no regrets at all and love the tremendous flexibility of the Lyngdorf as well. Digital is great, streaming is great, vinyl is great. In terms of sound and convenience, the value is just off the charts.

I also love the Tektons, which sound great with the Lyngdorf. Which model or models are you considering?
Once the room is completed, and the waf thing out of the way, I’d probably jump in ( but only after an audition somewhere) at the Encore level. At present, using Ref 3A Grand Veenas. Having heard high efficiency speakers, I think there is no going back.