Lyra and OMA

My first endeavor into moving coil. I’m thinking of a Lyra Kleos MC Cart and OMA SUT. Anyone want to speak to that. Please?



@michaellent  : Only take in count that the calculators in the net for the tonearm/cartridge frequency resonance takes the compliance at 10hz not 100hz. So, the Kleos has a compliance around 19 cu.


Btw, I own the Kleos and never heard the Songbird ( I owned 6 years ago the top of the line Sumiko. ) and I can tell you that the Kleos is an excellent quality performer.


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,


There are calculators and there is experience. Maybe JCarr knows a little ;)


Ah ha! thanks for pointing out the difference between the Japanese standard and the US/euro standard dyne. A lot more compliant than I ever thought. No wonder cart we’re getting such apparent poor results. 
ready to do the real mouth now. 


The math says…

The calculation says that the cartridge/arm RF is a very healthy 8.37 Hz. 
So my question is why does the low-mass arm make a difference in the sound?  If the mass were higher, the cartridge/arm compliance would logically be a higher resonant frequency also.  It wouldn’t pass out of the recommendation, but 8.37 Hz nice sweet spot, no?