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directional speakers
I suggest that you look into ZU speakers. They are very efficient, directional, and in your price range.  I’ve had the soul supreme for three years. I like the way they sound. Bent    
Humminguru record cleaner
I’ve had one for about six months. Please follow the manual. Used distilled water. Do not use tapwater. I use a single drop of a surficant. Do not use alcohol. This machine runs at a lower frequency than the more expensive units. If it’s not clean... 
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
I bought my entire +$30K system online without auditioning at any audio store. I’m 74 years old and I don’t have the energy to drive to Denver for two hours and drive back after what would be hours of auditioning I would hope. There is one hi-fi s... 
Starting a Classical Vinyl Music Collection
The Hummingguru ultrasonic record cleaner is $500. It works really well! it runs out a lower frequency than the more expensive $3000 units. I just run the record through twice and it comes out great. It’s about whole seven minutes to do that. It s... 
Favorite Obscure Rock Song
I’ve been listening to Frank Zappa since 1967. I listen almost daily. Nothing is obscure anymore. Bent  
Moving Magnet Phono Cartridges
Take a look at Soundsmith….used… Bent  
Best Options For A Tubed Preamp - $2500 Or Less, Preferably Used To Maximize Value
Aric Audio happy new year to you!  
Anyone with Aric Audio experience?
I have the Phono/pre, Pre and Amp. For about 2 1/2 years now. Did not fail in my move from MI to MC. Flawless with an SUT. Are use NOS tubes from Brent Jesse. Incredible Bent      
Do I upgrade my cartridge or my turntable
How old is the phono cartridge? If it’s from 1989 also and you played it one hour a week it’s ~1700 hours old.   It’s time to replace it. bent  
Have you seen the new McIntosh poster for $195?
Anybody got a tea pot l? I know where there’s a tempest   meh.   
SVS or REVEL Subwoofer
…at the time REL … I used their set-up and fine tuned it to my liking  
SVS or REVEL Subwoofer
I have an SVS SB 3000. It has several controls on the back that at the time. Our EL did not have. I like the fine-tuning feature ability. It connects to my smart phone. I have lots of suggestions for any brand of speakers. For set up. Are used the... 
Aric Audio
lI have his phono pre, preamp and amplifier. Just excellent stuff. He called me to ask about my favorite tubes one time. Fair and honest person to deal with. And good equipment on top of that!   Bent  
What was your first record?
Wow! There’s no accounting for taste… Bent   
What was your first record?
It’s good to still be kicking! It looks like I am one of the oldest people on here. I bought “Peter, Paul and Mary” in 1962, when I was 12. I still have it. It looks like a Brillo pad.   Bent