Lyra owners!

Hello everyone I recently put down a down Deposit for a new Lyra Delos cartridge for my heavily upgraded Oracle Delphi mkIII with sme iv tonearm. I have a large collection of vintage records and a modest amount of 180gram vinyl. After hearing the Delos is crucial on vta angle. I am wondering wether to set up the cartridge for regular 120gram vinyl or 180gram. I’m the the kind of guy who keeps it simple and would just rather set it an leave it. Not too worried about changing it for each individual vinyl. Also I’m wondering what ratio of step up transformer for the cartridge. I have a music first audio classic sut with 3 different ratios 1-20 1-10 1-5 with 6 different loading positions and a open circuit. Let me know your thoughts  On setup and ratio loading. Thanks
Congratulations. Please read around A’gon. If you have not seen it already, there are threads with Jonathan Carr of Lyra urging everyone to be very precise about the VTF as recommended 1.75g exactly with the Delos especially. 
I have a Lyra Delos chewing-gummed (just kidding!) to an Alphason arm attached to an older but several-times-updated SOTA Sapphire turntable. I have the Delos as level as possible, tracking at the recommended 1.75 grams.  Unfortunately, I had to set the level by eye, as the shape of the Alphason makes it impossible to put a spirit level atop the thing.  I cannot remember the LP I used to level the tonearm, but it was probably from London/Decca or DGG, and not a super-thick audiophile pressing.  In any case, no matter what brand of LP I play, tracking, tracing, edge-warp handling, inner groove distortion and every other phono nasty is virtually non-existent with the Delos.  It's as unflappable a cartridge as was my dampered Shure V-15 Micro Ridge.
Always set VTA to the thinnest records you play especially if you have a modern fine line stylus. Why? With these styli set up correctly the oncoming face of the stylus is exactly 90 degrees to the surface of the record with the main axis of the stylus at 92 degrees. As you play a thicker record the SRA will drop from 92 degrees to 91 then 90 degrees and the sharp edge of the stylus will tend to ride over the modulations. If you were to set VTA for a thick record when you played a thinner one the SRA will increase  to 93 then 94 degrees and the sharp edge of the stylus will tend to cut into the record increasing wear. If you drag a knife across your forearm canted one way the edge will glide over everything without harm but if you cante the blade the other way and you drag the knife across your arm in the same direction you might want to have some bandages ready. I hope I managed to explain this correctly 🤔
Congrats, the Delos is lovely ! Agree on VTA set for the thinner 150 ish g records. I don’t use a SUT so no input there. Start in middle and listen.
I just went through Delos loading, alignment, etc.  Small changes make big differences.

Aside from the VTA/VTF topics you're already working on, I found that loading was equally as important.  

That said, you will not be's an incredible cartridge.