MAC Mini Digital Out cable?

I've been using a Toslink cable from Mac Mini to my DAC. I would like to try a Coax for comparison. Does the Mac Mini support digital Coax out and what would I need to convert the RCA plug on the Coax to (what I presume is) a mini-plug?

Thank you for your assistance.
The Mac Mini doesn't have a coaxial digital output. The HagUSB is the best solution I have found. It takes the USB output and converts it to a coaxial SPDIF output. You can order it directly from Hagerman.

I have found that a good polished glass optical cable to be the best sounding.

Let me know how it works out....
i use a good quality toslink cable with a toslink-mini adapter. i don't use usb ports in my setups. all my jitter devices that i use after the server or remote devices like airport express, only use toslink, glass, coax, or aes. you can go to fry's and get this adapter for $2.
A good alternative is the Van Den Hul Optocoupler II which you can get with mini-plug on one end, and that goes into the sound out on the mac mini, which supports this type of digital connection.