Mac Mini with Wavelength DAC

After trying MANY different CD players, SACD players, DACs, and various mods, I settled for an Oppo BDP-105. My modified DAC was definitely better than using the digital input on the Oppo, but by selling the DAC, I upgraded to an Ayre amp and Ayre Phono Stage (to my Cary pre and Merlin speakers), and have been loving the vinyl! Without question, the sound of my LPs sounds better than my old standalone DAC.

The only problem was that I have about 150 albums and over 1000 CDs, DVD-Audio discs, SACDs, etc, and didn't want to buy 800+ albums. I decided to give computer audio a try. I bought a 2012 Mac Mini and Wavelength Brick USB DAC (with Amarra and iTunes Library) and could not believe how great my digital music sounded. Some of my 16 bit CDs ripped to the Mac Mini actually rivaled the sound quality of my vinyl albums. I was so impressed, I upgraded to the Wavelength Cosecant (Denominator Module) and haven't played an LP in months. My high resolution discs sound incredible - and in many ways (not every way) they sound better than my vinyl. I never thought digital could sound so musical. I highly recommend computer audio, especially when paired with a Wavelength DAC!
I also cannot believe what a difference it makes! Mac Mini made my set-up sound like some world-class components.
ITunes and Amarra is the best and easiest way for sound production and music-lover to optimize his playback experience.
Soundwise there is no competition. I prefer Mac Mini over all my other players. Much better dynamics and sound more musical.
The audio quality is absolutely remarkable after I replaced with the newest Asynchronous ZDAC and sound so much better than the so-call analog sound.
As can be seen by my several threads concerning the subject (including this one:, I've been doing as you since 2006 when I bought a Wavelength Brick Silver. Since then, I have upgraded to a HS Wavelength Crimson and couldn't be more happy!

Great vinyl playback with a Galibier turntable, Tri-Planar tonearm & Dynavector XV1s cart plus Wavelength PC's all good!