Macbook with USB C ports as music server to Vinnie Rossi LIO: which cables are best?

Hi, I'm building a new system and have a USB question that I haven't seen directly addressed: If I'm using a 2019 Macbook as a music server, which has only two USB C ports, is there a difference in sound quality between a USB C to B cable (not too many of those being sold) to connect to the DAC vs. a USB A to B with an Audioquest Carbon A to C adapter?  Just reading that last sentence gives me a headache, but since I prefer buying used to new, I'd love to get a great used A to B cable and then use the adapter, but will using the adapter reduce sound quality?  If it does, then I'm probably better off buying a new C to B cable from Moon, or Audioquest, or a handful of other makers., but that's going to be significantly more expensive and it really limits the choices.  Fyi, the amp/dac is a Vinnie Rossi Lio with the original DAC, about to be upgraded to the L2 DAC. For the L2 DAC btw, Vinnie recommends a direct USB connection to the server. Right now, I'm especially interested in the Triode Labs, Inakustic, and Audioquest carbon or diamond cables.
Sorry just seeing this now.  DM me back if you get a chance because I had some of the same issues you are having.
I believe you will not reap the full potential of the LIO feeding it with a laptop. Same with the cable.