Maggies + Rogue: Cable ideas?

Anyone using Maggies plus Rogue? I'm just setting up a system with a Rogue 99 preamp connected via Transparent MusicWave Plus interconnects to a pair of Rogue Magnum 120 Monoblocks, and I'm driving Magnepan 1.6QRs. I'm looking for speaker cable suggestions. I listen to damn near everything... very eclectic tastes!
Have a friend who is using Maggie 3.5R's with Rogue 120 amps and Audible preamp using MIT Term. 2 and MIT MH-750 with great results.
I do not think you can go wrone with Acoustic Zen Satori speaker cable. I use it with Maggie 3.6's and it works very well. You may want to use SS with those Maggeies one day (I recommend high powered SS amps with all Maggies); however, the 1.6's are easier to drive (do not demand as much current) than the 3.6's, so tubes may sound pretty darn good with them. Tubes with 3.6's is a pipedream... (short of huge costly 300wpc+ tube monoblocks).


I have a friend who has been using the same combination being fed by a CEC/Audionote 1+.He recently purchased Mapleshade cables and couldn't believe the combination.I also have had experience with Mapleshade/Omega Mikro and find them exceptional cables.You do get what you pay for.I would suggest trying both speaker and interconnects before settling on the MIT/Transp ,unless the system is too bright or lacking "body".IMO ,the MIT based products don't have the life and are a little subdued.
I have the same speakers, but powered by the Musical Fidelity A3cr power and pre amps. I use a bi-wire run with analysis plus oval 9 for the low and oval 12 for the high and I absolutely LOVE the way it sounds. The imaging is tighter than ever and the detail is both stunning when you focus on it and not overly present when you just want the music. I might also add they are quite decently priced. (no I don't sell them) I personally agree with Keith that SS amps at least are usually a better match with Maggies, but who knows I've never heard the 120s and they do have enough power for the 1.6s IMHO.