Magico Mini II vs. Magico V2 comparison


I am looking for new speakers for my system.

After auditioning many famous brands I found the Magico V2 to be simply outstanding in my system. This is the best speaker I have tried in my own listening room. The second speaker I was comparably impressed were old Guarneri Hommages. Other speakers I have tried did not impressed me or simply played bad.

The room is 20’ long and 13’ width. The amplifier is 60W Jadis JA-80.

For my room I prefer monitor speakers than floorstanding. Doeas anybody compared directly side by side Magico V2 and Magico Mini II? I am especially interested in bass preformane. Is Mini II has less bass than V2 it will not suits my taste. The bass of the V2 is just enough for my room.

If somebody compared new Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento with Magico Mini II I will be also grateful for opinion.
What do Maggies have in common withe the pyrimids there ancient history!!WAKE UP!!!
Talk about ignorance...there is no hope for the clueless coverstory audiophile. The latest piece of garbage with some new age karma attached to it will sell at least enough overpriced units to keep a company in business for a few years. Ever hear a pair of Bozak B313 speakers circa 1962? If you did you would understand that music reproduction and expense don't always make for a good marriage. Magnepan is not the new kid on the block, so ignorance sets in with the audio of the month club (I know, I was with 'em). The current generation Maggies (like the 3.6R's with the new crossover which none of the fools on this website even talk about) deliver music on such an exhalted level that if it's truly MUSIC you listen to, and not equipment, you would be enthralled. I'm starting to understand J. Gordon Holt's attitude towards the High End in his last few years on this planet...what a bunch of suckers we can be sometimes! My brothers Sansui Model 8 reciever wt Bozak speakers and a Garrard turntable hooked up with "out of the box" wires had more emotional impact than most current generation HiFi kit does today. The theory of relativity will never be "OLD", nor will Darwin's "Theory of Evolution". Magnepan remains viable based on innovation, refinement and passion. I sincerely question whether any of the members on this thread have ever wept during a live performance of Shostakovich's 8th do so would indicate an emotional sensibility in harmony with my overall disposition, which is a deep appreciation of music. FYI, pyramids (not pirimids) have stood the test of time. Me thinks Magico will not!
" but putting him down because his system is not expensive enough is hitting 'below-the-belt'."

And calling us, those who have bought the Magico's, on so called a Magico thread, fools is OK? I am not putting Dave _B down because his system is not expensive, I am putting him down because of his moronic comments on sound reproduction. I also, do not see how Magico is pushing any price envelope on their products. Building really good speakers is expensive. That issue has been beaten to death in these pages. Most here have no real expertise to assess the value of these products, other than how they think it sounds. How "they" think it sound is irrelevant. Case in point Dave _B. The Maggies do nothing for me. I would rather have a $1500 PSB then the Maggies 3.6. Does anyone care? I can also explain objectively why it is. Everyone should care, but some will not bother. Do you think that people like Dave_B, that are trying to " squeeze " a piano via a "box" will get it?
Maggie 20.1s and Magico Minis were in two of the best dealer systems I have heard in recent years. So were PSB Synchrony and mbl 111. Each sounded different with different primary strengths and I considered each to deliver top notch sound. They also cover a huge price range. Go figure!

Which would I chose assuming budget were no issue? It would probably depend on my mood that particular day.
It's no wonder concert attendance is at an all time low considering the lack of perspective on these threads. Does everyone have ADD? I listened to the Magico lineup and it sounds just fine. Not worth the price, but fine enough. The sheer fact that you can't even appreciate a Magnepan for what it does speaks volumes. The "fools" comment was directed at the A'Gon members at large, regarding the fact that Magenpan has changed their crossover on the 3.6R and no one even cocks an ear. I am very much aware of many top tier offerings and would at least be provoked enough to ask what the new crossover was about within the context of a comparative discourse, such as has occured here. I am also fully aware of the excessive compulsive build manifest in the Magico speakers. My point was elementary's still a box and a really expensive one. Talk about not being original, jeez! By the way, your communication skills are less than average, Dhaan. I'm not the one trying to squeeze a piano through a are my friend.