Magico Room at RAMF How good did it sound

Did not go to RAMF this year wanted to know what was Magico showing and how did it sound?
Anything that costs as much as the gear we are talking about here had better sound "good". True if even a fraction of the cost as far as I am concerned. If not, then we are talking criminal level misrepresentation geared towards suckers only. Having heard magico, clearly not the case. They sound very good. Value? Different assessment. How good? Who's to say. Good is good.
I must say Magico Q1 is VERY overpriced although certain people will rave and say its a bargin.
I attended the room friday and saturday of the show, but didn't have a good spot either day and thus can't comment with much conviction as to how good they were, what I can say is that they are definitely articulate and neat sounding. They seem to be spectacular at separating out intruments(defining the space between them). Also these speakers and the q3's I heard elsewhere exhibit a level of definition in the upper bass that is unmatched in my experience and is the overriding quality I associate with them. Also for those who wish to know, Magico was demoing with a Clearaudio Innovation turntable mainly (not sure which phono), though they also had a CD player and a reel to reel deck.