Magnan and Exactpower

I currently have an Exactpower Ep15A, that is in line with an Exactpower SP15.

I am considering using Magnan Signature power cords to feed the Ep from the wall, and another to feed the SP from the Ep.

From the SP I would like to go Magnan Signature Bronze power cord, (source components only) the more tech savvy out there, does anyone foresee a problem using these power cords from the Exactpower units, considering the Magnan have such high resistance?
Hi, I have the same Exactpower setup. If you have "Magnan money" ;-) but would like real audio value for that money, (I've tried the Magnan) get a Purist Audio Design Dominus PC (with the Ferox shielding) for the EP. (None on Agon right now but should be $800 - $1100 depending on 1.5 or 2 meter length.)

For the SP, the best strategy is to power it from the EP as you said, but simply using a decent (but not necessarily g-e-n-u-i-n-e, expensive,audiophile cord ;-) My EP is in front between my (powered) speakers amp and sub. I have a very nice 16 foot long 12AWG 3 conductor umbilical cord going from the EP to the SP (which is on the sidewall with my source gear) which is to the left of my listing location. My system is as 'quiet as a chair'!

You should, however, consider another Dominus PC for your amp (if you want the most bang for your powercord buck ;-)
I'm using Magnan Signature power cords for my ARC REF-3 preamp, CD-7 and PH-7. They were a major improvment over the other after market power cords (MAC) I was using. The improvment in resolution, dynamics, musicality and dementionality is amazing. Plus ... Dave Magnan stands by his products.
CAUTION: A correction to my post of 01-10-09 above; DO NOT run the SP-15A from the EP-15A. Plug it into the wall separately. Ordinarily this shouldn't be a problem, but the previous owners/manufacturers of Exactpower forgot to provide the EP with the kind of robust protection circuitry necessary to prevent it being damaged from the large inrush current when that big transformer in the SP is turned on.

The new model (20A) coming out this year or next will be lightening proof, but the "vintage" versions need a bit "consideration" ;--)
I was curious as to what happened with these guys. I see they are no longer out of Chatsworth, CA and now based in NJ, so the change in ownership explains that. I also see a bunch of new products, some of them quite interesting, but nothing on the EP-15A, so I assume that has been retired in favor of the forthcoming 20A.
Clio, it's a long story, which I have detailed elsewhere on these forums -- just search Exactpower. I have spent the last year working with the new owner (of the name and the 'feed-forward' AC processing patent) to provide some "repair relief" for owners of previous models (even though he is not obligated to do so) and to bring out a new, more robust, stand-alone consumer product (as opposed to a 'whole building' or 'main panel' product) which will be a 20A model and "bullet-proof" ;--)