Magnavox or RCA tube amp

I have the opportunity to buy either of these older stereo amps. Both are pulled units that gave been restored and stereo. Given an option which would you take? 

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I am aware of all that. I’m not asking what other amp I should buy, as I own several amps, including tube amps now, I’m looking at having some fun and want to choose between Manavox and RCA. So, given that, which one should I play with?
I would head over to and post the question. If it's been done they've done it. Tons of good info and and some great minds there.
It depends on what your objective of fun seeking is and whether these amps meet it. Do you have a nostalgic affinity for them or do you want to build something?  If you aren’t wedded to these amps for some reason and just want to tweak a tube amp, I highly recommend Elekit kits. The new Dynaco kits look cool too. Also check out Simple Single Ended from Tubelab.  
My instinct would be to go with the RCA.  Back in the day they made some nice little 10 watt or so amps using push-pull 6V6 tubes in their output stage.  Around 1990 I acquired a vintage RCA mono integrated amp that was either the following model or one that was similar:

I didn't have the time to do much with it, and I sold it to a collector of vintage RCA audio equipment, who was ecstatic with it.

Also, the comments someone provided in the following thread will be of interest:

Have fun!  Regards,
-- Al

Yep, I’m going with the RCA. After looking at what has been done to both amps the RCA M1 12157 looks to be the better of the two. All resistors and caps have been replaced and the amp has been configured to be used as a 2 channel amp.

The Vox was configured but many of the components were not replaced and would require me to put it on the bench, take iron to it and spend 4 hours or so.

I’ll be picking up the RCA on Friday and will play with it over the weekend. We’ll see how it stacks up against my Rogue M120’s.