Replace Magnavox CDB 650 with Ayre CX-7e ?

My current (very modest) system is: Magnivox CDB 650, Luxman L-80V 50w/ch integrated, Spica TC-60 speakers. I am rebuilding my system one component at a time, and will start with a new CDP(replacing speakers first would requre new amplification, which is cost-prohibitive at this point, and anyway, I am still enjoying the Spicas.). I listen almost exclusively to classical.

I am thinking about replacing the Magnivox (more than 20 yrs. old) with the Ayre. I'm considering this one because:

a) there is a dealer relatively nearby,
b) it's gotten excellent reviews, and
c) it has a reputation for being a lively player.

More detail re. reason c) : I tend to gravitate toward "wa rmish" speakers (thinking about the future here, too). I've heard Spendor, Harbeth, VA and liked them. To my ears, my Spicas fall into this catagory. But don't want too much of the warm sound, so the Ayre sounds attractive. Am I thinking correctly about this?

I certainly will drive up and hear the Ayre, but on the dealer's system and in the dealer's room, not mine. It's unlikely that I will be able to bring the Ayre home. So, I am asking you're advice here.

In short, what difference will I hear between my old Magnavox and the Ayre?

Thank you,

Steve O.
Most dealers will allow a loan of their demo as long as you leave a credit card to cover it. Best to listen in your system. Ayre is a good company that makes outstanding products. Only you can decide if it is the right upgrade.
I don't think you're comparing apples with apples here...for the price and age difference, the Ayre had better be significantly better than the Magnavox.

You need to compare the Ayre to others in its price class to get a real idea if it's right for you.

The Ayre player is very lively, open and detailed to my ears, but still has a bit of warmth to it which is why it's so pleasing to listen to. So it might meet your needs, but so might a Simaudio player as they have a slightly warmer, slightly less detailed, yet quite similar sound signature as compared to the Ayre. When considering a $3K CD player, make sure to audition as much as you can - it's both informative and fun! One thing's for sure - you'll be amazed at how good CD's can sound.
Thanks for the comments. Well, stopped by an Ayre dealer and was told that Ayre has run out of transports for the CX-7e and they are in the process of finding a new one. Might be months.....


Steve O.