Magnepan 1.7i vs. 3.6

Has anyone heard 1.7i and 3.6 side by side? I'm considering to change from 1.7i to 3.6.
I've heard 1.7 vs. 3.7i - and they were surprisingly close.

the x.7 speakers have newer better technology and that might give the nod to the 1.7 over a 3.6 ... except for bass response

OTOH if you bi-amp the 3.6 you won't worry about the crossover
I bought the H360 Black friday after listening to the new h190 and if the case of the h190 hadn't gotten warm to the touch I was more than satisfied with the sound and it's $1700 less than the H360. Using my Hegel to drive v1 ultima salons and have no regrets in fact the combo is bringing more out of my recordings than I heard before. 
Consider if you will add a sub or not as that might influence your selection. The Hegel Maggie is a great match. 
Is 3.6 airy and open from sound as 1.7i? Have they any other differense than bass?
Well, consider that when the 1.7 came out in 2010, it was such an improvement in coherence, low-level resolution, power usage, etc., that it sounded fundamentally better (and was easier to set up and use) than the rest of the product line.

Magnepan then upgraded their entire product line: Soon the 3.7 replaced the 3.6, the 20.7 replaced the 20.1, and they introduced a new entry-level model, the .7.

The *.7i product line has evidently reduced the Magnepan caveats such as extreme appetite for current/power, and lack of coherence. I have been living with my 1.7s for four solid years, and I am amazed and drawn into the music every time I play them.

For electronics I use handwired PTP tube preamps (phono and line) from MAGI, feeding a 1980s Perreaux PMF1150B MOSFET power amp.

I also use a pair of small powered subwoofers. Good subs can significantly expand the Maggies' dynamic range and room-filling capabilities. Your SVS Ultra sb-13 should work just fine.

as above

get the 1.7 unless the 3.6 is cheaper...

the changes to the x.7 are not just the crossover BTW
Seller ask 2460€ for 3.6s. My 1.7is are one year old and they cost 3450€ in Finland. So i think that i don ’t have pay any euros if i’m gonna sell my 1.7is.
Seller ask 2460€ for 3.6s. My 1.7is are one year old and they cost 3450€ in Finland. So i think that i don ’t have pay any euros if i’m gonna sell my 1.7is.

My 2013 1.7s are so satisfying, and have none of the disadvantage commonly attributed to Magnepans, I would not replace them unless it was for 3.7's or 20.7's.

I play all kinds of music through them to great satisfaction--Baroque, large scale 20th century orchestral works (The Planets, Stravinsky, Ravel, etc.) big band (Basie, Buddy Rich, Quincy Jones, etc.) classic pop vocalists (Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Sarah Vaughan), plus classic Rock (Beatles, Beach Boys, Police, The Cars, Elvis, Rod Stewart... Without exception, the 1.7s (with some help from some small subwoofers) deliver great clarity, musicality, room-filling energy and soundstage, truth-to-timbre and tonal balance, and far more dynamic range than is typically associated with pre-*.7 Magnepan speakers. I have Basie and Rimsky-Korsakov LPs that are so dynamic they will (figuratively) knock you around the room.

I bought them with I turned 60. They are my last set of speakers.
Hello,I have owned maggie 1.7s for two years and i have discoverd the better quality your electronics the more beutiful they sing.I also own kef 201s,monitor audio silver,triangle genese,speakers and maggie mg 12s.My electronics i like to run with my 1.7s are my audible illusions m3a tube pre and my yba 600 power amp.Most excellent sound quality!
How about the sweet spot of the 1.7i? It’s supposed to be larger with the tweeters out.