is Magnepan out of business??  or whats going on,  zero supply on the web site..


it is odd though, to look at the website, and see all but the 1.7i listed as Sold Out without explanation ...does give the impression they sell direct...when I purchased the LRS & LRS+ it was direct sale, and Magnepan was very responsive to calls and emails...


You were under the impression this is an accommodating group of enthusiasts eager to help a fellow audiophile. It’s a tricky place, if you carefully craft your message considering all sides you’ll escape most of the animosity, but never all.

Internet forums took the place of kicking the dog after a bad day. Aggravating for most of us, save the dog. 

I’d try calling, I doubt anybody here knows anything. 

Out of business LOL,  it’s the exact opposite. Magnepan has its people working overtime because they can’t make them fast enough. 

Magnpan  supports a dealer network.  And most everything they produce gets sold through them quickly after production.