is Magnepan out of business??  or whats going on,  zero supply on the web site..


Out of business?  Is the United States out of business?  They don't have any warheads in stock.  Why do people come on here and ask questions without doing any research?  Are we that lazy.  Did you call them or a dealer?  I have never heard of Maggie having any stock.  You order from dealer and wait....

Did Magnepan start selling direct to consumer? Their website sort of gives the impression that speakers can be Pre-ordered. Shows some as “sold out”.

Just because an established and successful company that does the vast majority of its business through dealers doesn’t have inventory on their website doesn’t mean the company’s out of business.  C’mon man, stop being an alarmist and use your head a little.  Jeez.

it is odd though, to look at the website, and see all but the 1.7i listed as Sold Out without explanation ...does give the impression they sell direct...when I purchased the LRS & LRS+ it was direct sale, and Magnepan was very responsive to calls and emails...


You were under the impression this is an accommodating group of enthusiasts eager to help a fellow audiophile. It’s a tricky place, if you carefully craft your message considering all sides you’ll escape most of the animosity, but never all.

Internet forums took the place of kicking the dog after a bad day. Aggravating for most of us, save the dog. 

I’d try calling, I doubt anybody here knows anything. 

Out of business LOL,  it’s the exact opposite. Magnepan has its people working overtime because they can’t make them fast enough. 

Magnpan  supports a dealer network.  And most everything they produce gets sold through them quickly after production. 

When I bought my panels from SoundLab, it was four months of orders in front of me.  They must be going out too.  🤣

thanks everyone,  some context,  i love magnepan!!  i recently tried to purchase the 30.1's and called the company several times but couldn't connect with somebody other than the front desk.  after phone tag for weeks i lost interest and they would not respond to emails at all.  but i came away with a funny feeling that there was something up.  the only thing that kept me from cutting a check to my dealer was the total and complete refusal to confirm Mye stand dimensions for the 30.1's.  i even had drafting drawings from Mye Co. directly to show magnepan.  i sent them and magnepan ignored my emails.   but they refused to convey any information as to weather the stand dimensions were correct by phone also.   i got the feeling that their only goal was to pitch me on being a home dealer and were hoping to bypass the/my dealer.  i really felt this.  the mag adds instilled this in my mind.  for sure Magnepan is walking away from their brick and mortar network in hopes of setting up home user outlets.  Or just planning on going internet direct like P.S/Coincident and such companies.  Cary also.  it's the future for sure, like it or not.  but so SOLD OUT does not seem like BACK ORDER to me.  by the way,  nobody has sold more 1.6's to referrals in the Chicago land area than me so don't confuse me with trolling magnepan. 

I love my LRS+ but honestly Magnepan is not a very well ran company and hasn't been in a long time. Hopefully that will change in the near future.

@mahandave - Totally agree - their 'customer service', is absolutely atrocious, and I speak from personal, painful experience! I bought a pair of 1.7i's, and out of the box one of the panels was faulty, with buzzing/vibration at certain bass frequencies, and I could actually see the fault - a loose and floppy panel at one segment.

Many many MANY calls and emails followed, to my UK dealer, to the European dealer, and Magepan themselves - buck passing as I've never seen/experienced before! I was actually told by a Magnepan employee that they were almost out of business and only had two, yes TWO employees left - this was almost three years ago now.

They NEVER answered the phones, nor ever got back to me after I left messages! I even managed to find Jim Wineys email address and tried to get help from him - NOTHING! No help, no response.

It took ONE and a Half YEARS of fighting with them all for them to finally replace the panel! Disgraceful behaviour from a company I've admired for many years, from my first forray into panels with a pair of MG1b. I would never buy another product from them again. As willywonker says - "not a very well run company", which is a huge understatement IMO. My dealers, UK and EU, told me that they were a nightmare to deal with, and someone there said they were 'a Very Strange, and unllike any other manufacturer or company, to deal with'.

I'm now in love with panels again, and my 1.7i's are sounding wonderful. They truly are fantastic sounding speakers, at a great price; even allowing for the dealers c80% mark up!

They are absolutely positively NOT out of business. They just introduced a new True-ribbon model at $5995.00 called the 2.7i to plug the gap between the Quasi-ribbon 1.7i and larger True-ribbon 3.7i.  As others have stated, their long time production manager retired, and they have been working overtime to keep up with demand and rebuild their staff after COVID.  They are also redoing their website.  With them, patience is a necessity!

They are still in business.  Was at Audio Connection yesterday.  Poor service maybe but still in business.  We also do not keep any inventory or very little but we do try to respond within 24-48 hours.

Enjoy them, they produce some magical sounds. 

Magnepan has long been considered a "best in price range" speaker.  What with the Covid years of people not wanting to work and lots of people buying audio gear they simply cannot keep up with orders.  Or service.  Tough problem to have.

did the LRS+ ever make it to the website? last i communicated directly with someone the wait list was a good few months for the LRS+, and it was nowhere on the website, and they still havent officially or started selling the bass or sub panel that they had annonced, debuted, sent to reviewers reviewed the year before.

its weird. its like they announced new products that enever went up for sale or we re in production or maybe never nmade it to their website...what the hell is going on? theres no one who can type out come clear information and put it on a website and social media? a 12 year old can do it in minutes. goddam that place doesnt make ANY sense.

Magnepan never stocks their speakers, as all their models are made to order. I thought, by now, this was common knowledge. I was fortunate to have a dealer in my area, so I audition and then ordered my 1.7i through them. Once ordered, l had to wait over 8 weeks for the speakers to arrive at the dealers. Oh yeah, I do agree with those who have commented on the horrific Magnepan customer service. I experience deliberate indifference and arrogance with Magnepan's customer service.

Having been a Magnepan the 70's.  I will tell you Magnapan, at all times in history has had an authorized dealer network.  They would always refer to the network in that persons location.  Now there are some dealers that are authorized and do not support Magnepan.  If you call them the will say our web site has a list of dealers check your zip and make a choice.

When I wanted LRS+, and I am in Missouri, I had my choice and let my fingers do the tailing, bh calling.  I worked with whom I felt was the most knowledgeable about every thing I was trying to accomplish, and stayed loyal to him.  He was the only one that said he could get me LRS+ in less than 30days. I paid him 1/3 on order, balance when he sent me a picture of the serial number and the box.  I verified with Magnepan that he was a legitimate dealer....I have met Wendell and Jim Winey, thousands of years ago, I found the entire corporation ethical in everything they did.   They are smart people, and know what they are doing, far better than I.  Best service around.....all about Good old fashion American Ingenuity and Craftsmanship.  Think of what you could learn by working there as an intern...sign me up.

No discounts!  Now that is up to the dealer, in 1973 or 4 I bought a pair of MG 11's, they were killer back then, had two Mac- mc 275's. a Thorens tt. Ortofon cart. Nakamichi 1000, a C-28 Mac pre-amp, 110 tuner, two Mk woofers.  Back in the day I paid (employee purchase (325.00) for the Mg II's.  That entire system cost me about 2800.00. Fast forward, today I have, LRS+. Roque Sphinx, Rel 7x. Kenwoord dd tt, with ortolan cart, an audio technical tt/with blue tooth for transferring vynal, Cambridge Audio Dac. I have spent. almost 6500.00 today.  Things have changed, but not great sounds, still from Magnepans.  At one time we compared double MG-II's side by side in our sound room with Double KLH 's.  Theory was wider baffle, lower frequency response, due to the lack of wave length cancellation as a dipole radiator. Maggies for the price killed it, 50 years ago.  Happy Thanksgiving,Merry Christmas to all!

If you are buying a LRS+ and fill in their form with all the required information, they will get back to you… and you will now have contact names, phone numbers and emails for them. 

I waited almost 9 months for a pair of black +s and black stands. They always got back to me promptly when I contacted them.  And this explains why they resell for almost list price when you see them offered. 

Of course they aren’t going to talk to you about Mye stands… and maybe not about any of the products that are currently only available through dealers. 

They are quirky… they make a great and almost indestructible product. And recently they seem to be bringing out updates and new products more frequently. 

So, if you want the +…. fill in the form… anything else, talk to the dealer. And if something pops up preowned that interests you… don’t wait too long or it will be gone… especially the newer stuff. 


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@rodglaze I think you've been living in a box for >5 years! have you not read any of the comments, including mine, of the awful and attrocious 'service' they now (do not) provide? It's a joke. On us. As for them being 'smart people' - really? Smart people would not have allowed this once premier company with a previous great customer service record, to go downhill in such a spectacular way. Their 'new' website they're proffereing, still, is over one and a half YEARS old, and is still a mess. As @cey says, a 12yr old could fix it in minutes - are they all asleep over there?! They, Magnepan, are becomming the biggest joke company in the Hi-Fi industry, which is a great shame as their speakers are fantastic (I own 1.7i's).

@crustycoot says they've just introduced a new speaker, called the 2.7i, but I couldn't find anything on their 'new' website for that product. It's strange that they've actually started to build a new speaker line, IF they have, when they can't even supply speakers in their current line up, or even support them when things go wrong (as in my case!). And there's almost zero info anywhere about a 2.7i, which, if true, and ever available, I would be VERY interested in.

@daveteauk its maddening, and it aint just magnepan. lots of hifi companies announce some product they dont havwe on their website that they dont update with any real accuracy. 

in my world there is a fad among businesses in the information age of offering no useful information, like no hours, address, phone, etc, on their website. the accuracy of the generic lookup via map program can be hit or miss.
often theres a phone that no one answers, and calls go to generic voicemail with no hours or address. all easy fixes. 

the gap between having a business open to the public  and  bothering to service the public is HUGE. 

the general attitude of daring a customer to become an investigator is assinine. 

There is absolutely NO excuse for Magnepan to run their business as they do. They sell enough to hire a secretary to answer calls and emails, and if they don't, they should shut down.

Seems curious that they would name a new speaker exactly the same as one long retired from their product line.

In my business, I would stop adding business/customers until I could manage the load effectively. Otherwise, customer satisfaction dropped and employees burned out creating quality issues, which was unacceptable to me.

Several ways to accomplish this; raising prices, extending leadtimes, turning lower margin business away, not adding new accounts, etc. During these times communication with customers and employees was paramount.

Periods when sales outran capacity were high margin because profits grew at a faster rate than fixed costs and salaries, but it’s a very slippery slope. Losing key customers and employees is a dangerous gamble.

Stormy seas for sure, I hope they sort it out soon.

@uncledemp  a great post. A stable business is one that sells all the product that is produced, can support all the customers made, and share rewards with a healthy and happy employee base. 

Magnepan is alive and well!!! just spoke to Eric a few moments ago.

The Website is undergoing an upgrade that will be straightened out

in a week or 2

Wonderful things brewing at Magnepan and our new 20.7Xs are sounding amazing

  Best JohnnyR Magnepan dealer Audio Connection Verona NJ


I've always received excellent customer service from Magnepan by phone...

I called them to ask about the DWM bass panels. Front office left something to be desired, but tech services was great, twice. I bought, twice. The four DWM panels transformed my ESL system and my HT.

As for customer service, sure, anything can be improved. You just have to pay for it. I’ll take "best-in-the-business for cheap" over "second-best-plus-marketing for big bucks" any time. YMMV

PS: I've had some Magnepan in one of my systems continuously since Tympani 1A's in 1973. Fifty years of state-of-the-art which I could afford. I'll take a little inconvenience - but if you can't, there's lots of product nearly as good for 10x the price.

and if you don't have a local Magnepan dealer, call Johnny R , he's as good as it gets...

+1 Audio Connection. Bought a pair of 1.7s from John a few months back. He had to order them, and I had to wait a month for the new speakers. But then he delivered them and helped set them up. Would deal with him again.

I’m surprised they are still in business. When the 30.7’s were coming out, I called and talked to Wendell about the 30.7’s and he told me people were buying these sight unseen and he was trying the hard sell on the 30.7’s. I told him, they would have to be 2-4x better than the 20.x’s (I actually prefer the 20.1’s over the .7’s), and he told me they would be much better. I attended a tour stop for the 30.7’s and they sounded like sh$t. Even my magnapan owners were surprised they sounded this bad. There a dozens and dozens of speakers I would rather have that cost 1/10 to 1/3 the cost of the 30.7’s. Btw: I wouldn’t own the 20.1’s either but they sounded much better than the 30.x’s.

I’m surprised to hear that my friends and I attended a 30.7 demo and we’re blown away by their sound. If I had the space and cash I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase them. I’ve found Wendell is always approachable and willing to spend time answering your question.

Another + for Johnny R at Audio Connection I purchased a used set of 3.7i from him.

I think Magnepan manufactures different models in cycles thus the wait time but it’s definitely worth it.

Has anyone heard the new x series vs the i ?

They're very much in business, but like many small manufacturers who focus on high value, moderate cost products, the emphasis is on R&D for new products and making the current ones at a pace that satisfies long term demand.  I'm on my 3rd set of Maggies.  Never had a problem getting answers from them for any questions I've had.  Always bought from individuals or a dealer in MD, as the local dealer doesn't really get the job done.  

I've always experienced good service albeit haven't had to call them in 5 or so years.  I've blown several ribbon tweeters and there was always someone to talk to and they shipped them out quickly.  

The speakers are great. Their customer support, not so great. stick with dealers for support.

Is the United States out of business? 



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