Magnepan 20.1 vs MG 3.5/stereo subwoofers?

I am exploring the possibility of upgrading my MG 3.5/stereo Sunfire Signature subwoofer combo with the MG 20.1.

I have not been able to audition the MG 20.1. Could members with first hand knowledge comment on the improvement (if any) in using the 20.1 vs the 3.5/stereo subs combo? I am currently using an ARC VT100 MKII with the MG 3.5. I would be biamping the 20.1 with the VT100 MKII and maybe a Bryston 4B ST (with the Bryston 10B active crossover).


George- This is a fantastic subject, I am thinking the same thing though going from 3.6's w/subs or 20.1's, though I can't arrange a demo on 20.1's either! I have a chance to listen to 20's but I am not sure how much different they are from the 20.1's. I would rather have a full range speaker with NO sub but I don't want to risk the 20.1's not ending my quest- I absolutely love the 3.6's and would hate to pay 3 times the price for a speaker that is only a hair better.
Hello Tireguy:
If I purchase the 20.1, I would probably still try the dual subs. The Sunfire Signatures are flat to 16Hz. However the lowest crossover setting would be 30Hz, which is higher than the 25Hz 3dB point of the 20.1. I think the subs could make the 20.1 unbeatable. But this is only speculation at this point. I am also concerned that my dedicated listening room may be too small (25x14.5x8.5). It would be a tremendous help if I were able to audition the 20.1 at home.