Magnepan center channel and rears?

I have a pair of the magnepan 1.6's and am interested in their center channel and rear speakers for surround. Has anyone had a chance to hear the cc3 center channel and the surround speakers that cost about $750 per pair? I was wondering how they stack up against the center channel and rears that you can buy direct from Magnepan. I have a small room, 11 x 14.
Yes, I have the room 11 x 19, and use the 1.6, CC3 for front. I have heard the MC1 and plan on buying them for the rears. Worth every penny.

Make the CC3 a higher priority than the rears though if budget is an issue. Remember, rear surround sound is non- HiFi information. The ones they sell direct are not dipoles, 2 way design. I thought about using MMG's for the rear, but the MC1 mounts so nicely to the wall.

Happy Maggie Listening! I love mine!!! Can't wait to get 3.6 someday. But I just bought a new preamp and vacumn tube cd player, so it will be a while.

I agree with Red2 that the CC3 is very good. I use it for surround with Magnepan 2.7QRs as front channels and the result is a very smooth, well integrated sound. The CC3 had to break in for 100-200 hours but now the integration is seamless with the mains. I think you'd get the same results with your 1.6s. But, to get the best results, I had to set my pocessor's center channel to "small", my left and right mains to "large" and use a subwoofer to compensate for the CC3's bass limit of 80hz. Doing this redirects center channel bass to the mains and subwoofer. This bass, however, is perceived as eminating from the CC3 (since the human ear/brain cannot localize these low frequencies but can localize the higher related ones coming from the CC3, our brains tell us the whole spectrum is coming from the center channel). Sorry, I haven't compared the CC3 to other Magnepan center channels and haven't tried the Magnepan rear channels yet. Also, I heard on other posts that Magnepan may be coming out with a new center channel that's supposed to be their best yet but quite a bit more $$ than the CC3. Good luck.
I used the entry level factory direct center channel from Maggie for $300 with a money back trial period, it was good enough to keep, you only get 20 extra HZ for the added cost of the other centers.