Magnepan MG1 rebuilds?

I have managed to aquire a pair of MG1's that are cosmetically in pretty good shape, but the former owner says they are dead. Before I dig into them myself to diagnose the problem(s), does anyone know if Magnepan will consider rebuilding these, is it worth it to send them to them, or, any third-party folks woking on MG1's?

I own a fantastic pair of MGIIIA's with modified XO and a sweet little pair of MMG's. I picked these speakers up for next to nothing in cost, drove to the guy's house and picked them up yesterday, so I have yet to look into the problem with them (if any).

Back in the late 80's I had a pair identical to these on extended loan from someone, and hated like hell to get rid of them because I loved the way they sounded in the room I had at the time.
I had a pair of MG-1c's since 1984 which I babied for 13 years when I managed to knock one over. The speaker fell flat on its face onto a carpeted floor and the impact shattered the mylar diaphragm. Other than that, there was no other damage. Magnepan rebuilt that speaker in 1997 and offered to rebuild the other one for free at the same time because they thought the voicing could be different and they wanted them to sound the same. I recently purchased a used pair of 2.6R's and the 1-c's are are not being used at the moment but are in excellent condition. I found Magnepan to be a terrific company so you might want to contact them about rebuilding/repair. Hope this helps.
I spoke to the folks at Magnepan, and in fact, they no longer repair or rebuild the MGI. I have decided to attempt the task myself. I purchased the tweeter repair kit for the MGI and a new pair of socks for the panels.

I have gleaned some repair/rebuild guidelines from Audio Asylum and will go from there.

Today - I took apart one the panels and found a break in the coil for the tweeter, and a fair amount of corrosion and discoloration on the mid/bass voice coil. None of the coil appears broken or corroded through so that may be a good thing. The state of the OEM banana connectors is pathetic and I will replace them with 5-way binding posts.

The job does not appear too complex, it just requires a deft hand with the adhesives, acetone, and solder (sp?).

Futher updates as they become available.