Magnepans,tweeters on inside or outside?

This may be a room size/shape and personal taste issue..but,
I would like to hear other Magnepan owners experience and
preference with tweeter panel placement. ...Thanks
For all things Magnepan check out the Magnepan Users Group (MUG) at:

I can assure you someone there has even turned them upside down to see if they sound any better...
Lshreve, thanks. I have had the 1.6, 3.6 and 20's and have
gone to that site...but find it harder to sort through all
the trails of info. AudiogoN does a nice job of making the
info much more accessable. But you're right, I have found
out valuable info from that site on crossover mods..etc.
Take care, Jim
In the right room they set a better soundstage, both width and depth when set to the outside. However, I have found that when the side wall is too close you can compensate for it by placing them on the inside.

Since this is an adjustment which cost nothing you should experiment and hear what sounds best to you.
Magnepan recommends: tweeters on outside for 1.6 but on 3.6 tweeters are to be placed fathest away from ear for phase compensation ( if turned in slightly that equates to inside).
I've tried my 1.6's both ways in a 26.5'x14'3"x7'8" room with the speakers 76" ahead of the front wall and 36" in on either side. Broadest, deepest, and most cohesive soundstage and most precise imaging occur with the tweeters outside in that configuration, with virtually no toe-in.
Thanks to all..and keep the input comming. I have used the
models I've had in the same 13 X 25 X 8.5 and have had mixed I am wanting to hear other peoples opinions.
I owned many Magnepans models for many years, and was EXTREMELY anal about toe-in, distances from the walls, and the inside/ outside tweeter preferences. After about 14 months of trying virtually every variation, I can state the following: With the tweeters on the outside, you get a larger soundstage that will extend beyond the outside edge of each speaker. With the tweeters on the inside, you can acheive a more solid center image (but definately give up that truly wide soundstage). Since I love massive soundstages, the former was the best for me. If you are into small chamber type music, or similiar type music, then the inside tweeter configuration may be preferable. I feel that there is not a "right" answer to your question. It is all a matter of music preferences, and what you want out of your system. Additionally, some equipment and cables are not very good at recreating stable center images, with lots of depth, so speaker positioning sometimes has to make up for this loss in soundstage recreation information.
Super input Ehider, thanks! I have some follow-up thoughts that I will include soon,..need to get my sons to bed now.
Well, seems that music taste, room acoustics..and other
components used...has come full circle on my 1.6, the
other Maggie's I've used. For my set-up the tweeter's to
the inside with slight toe-in do the best for me. Thanks
for the input!