Magneplanar speaker terminals. is there an adapter to....

I was looking at a photo of the back of Magneplanar .7 speakers.  They still use those dumb speaker terminals that will not accept a higher end banana plug, (possibly a twisted up spade lug)... Therefore, does anyone know if there is an adapter that works with their terminals and allows larger banana plugs to be used, or  simple spade lugs.  The company  makes great speakers, but is living in the Stone Age when it comes speaker terminals.   Thank you .
Jim, any regular sized banana plug will fit into the the Magnepan terminals. If you tighten them down, they might ruin the banana plug a little. You just need to be sure to back the set screw out all the way.

Magnepan sells an adapter to use spade lugs:

The reason they still use these terminals is because the best connector is no connector and if you can use bare wire, these terminals are fantastic.  And because they need to ship the speakers as flat as possible and regular binding posts would be stick out to far.  The factory posts can be, pretty easily, replaced with regular binding posts if you want.

I agree that most audiophile cables will have terminations, but again, if can use bare wire, these work great.
If you don't mind altering your speaker cables, Cardas makes Magy Pins (which replace spades or banana plugs) specifically for the Magnepan terminals. 
How easy is "pretty easy" replacing with regular binding post??? Anyone know of any forums or elsewhere that would give instructions for changing to regular/normal binding post??? I'm using "tinned ends" into the stock connectors on 1.6's currently and would love to have nice Vampire Post and Spades!!! Any info would be very nice???  Thank You Kindly, Joe E.
The spacing and hole size of the stock Maggie post is standard, so- changing to Vampire or WBT 5-way binding posts(I've done both), is simply a matter of assembly, tightening the nuts on the new posts and soldering the leads to the new terminals, after removing the old ones, of course.
Regarding shipping Maggies, I highly doubt the addition of binding posts on the speaker would somehow become damaged. I loved my old MGIIB speakers as they were my first "taste" of an audiophile speaker. I was hooked after that with quality reproduction from a loudspeaker. Why change now? They have always been that way most likely to save money. I don't agree with that philosophy which was one reason I never owned another pair of them. Why do I have to "modify the speaker " to make me happy. I will spend my money with a manufacturer that offers them.
One problem with the Maggy terminals is that some of the parts are ferrous. Getting rid of the whole terminal assembly reportedly greatly improves the sound of the speakers, but requires surgery.

Statman, you are 100% correct on all counts!!! Specialy about getting hooked, as I am. So the way I look at it, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do weather good, bad, or indifferent???    Rodman, since you've done this already, do crimp type posts exist??? If not, how many sodders are there??? Anything else one needs to know about to get this done??? Your reply/assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated!!!

smotojo...if you are anywhere near Northern Colorado, I would be happy to do this for you, free of charge.

I was  a Magnepan dealer for many years and have done this numerous times.
What an offer, I'd love to take advantage of, but I'm in NYC. If you look at my last post above and if you don't mind, maybe you could lend your expertise to the questions??? Thank you kindly for the offer, any and all info you can provide is greatly appreciated.
I’ve never seen any crimp style binding posts, but maybe they exist. You would have to solder (4) wires, the positive and negative on both speakers.

You just need to unscrew the (4) wood screws that hold the aluminum back plate on the speaker. Be careful pulling it out, it might snag the fabric, just go slow. Once the plate is off, you can see where the + and - wires are and how the wires and stock connectors are attached. Just unscrew the small nut that holds the connector on and whole connector will come off. Replace the now open hole with whatever binding post you decide, (I recommend the Cardas pure copper posts, but you can use whatever).  Depending on the connector, you might have to enlarge the hole a little bit.

It really is a pretty easy mod, but just take your time. Sorry you’re not closer, I could do this for you in about 20-30 minutes or less.

Good luck!

 To Mofimadness and others who responded, I wish Magneplanar would get hip to the needs of its customers, and also the evolution  over the last 20 years of new speaker connectors, and the 5 way binding post.

bdp24 suggests getting rid of the whole terminal assembly ( which according to him improves the sound). So why doesn't Jim. Winey or whoever runs the company save us all  the grief regarding this issue, by redesigning the assembly, and if possible offering a simple DIY kit for owners of older Magneplanars.  I totally agreed with Statman, why does the customer have to necessarily do the surgery on the speakers, that should have been the responsibility of the design and marketing team. 

It is bad enough that most Maggie speakers are a pain in the butt to find proper acoustic placement,  generally  require a high power amp with high current, and are large in size starting with the 1.7 and going up the line

Sunnyjim---Or at least make the whole terminal assembly with non-magnetic parts, fer cryin' outloud! Steel, in the signal path?!
smotojo- Don’t believe you’ll find any 5 ways with crimp connection. Many come with a terminal/soldering eyelet that fits over the threaded part of the post and is held by the mounting nut. The end of the threaded post should have provision for soldering the lead there, as an option to the terminal mentioned, which eliminates the lousy connection between the provided terminal, washer, nut, post, etc. YEP- There will be only four connections to solder. No harm in repeating: pay close attention to which wires go where(+ & -). Buy some solder with a low melting point, especially if you want to solder to end of the threaded post, as it will act as a heat-sink. ie: WBT 0800, TRT Wonder Signature or Cardas Quad Eutectic which are all available on ebay, in very small quantities. This process only requires an inch or two.
BTW: Some of WBT's & Furutech’s binding posts have set screws to retain the leads in the ends of the threaded posts. I’d personally prefer solder, but- there’s another option, if you don’t want to do any soldering and don’t mind their price. (  (  Whatever you decide on, order the shortest posts available, as you’re only going through a thin piece of aluminum, to mount.