Magtech Amplifier

Dear All,
Can you please give me your opinion on the Magtech Stereo amp from Sanders Sound System? This amp can output 500w/ channel. I'm also interested in his Magtech mono blocks. However, the power output 1600W is a bit scarry for my Kef205/2
11-06-13: Drubin
That's a great review, Kiwi_1282001.

Thanks Drubin -- its a great amplifier!
The Magtech is a superb amp, and not just for the money. I have two of them, driving the woofers and the panels of my Sanders 10c. I've owned many amps over the years, some much more expensive and both tube and solid state (e.g. VAC, Ayre MX-R). The Magtech is the best compromise of sonics, stability, efficiency, and cost that I know.
Just looking for some comments on this amp.
I have the stereo version, running Magnepan 3.7's.Works great , but at higher volume it runs very hot.
You can't hold your hand on it hot.
Others who have this unit finding the same thing?
Carl might want to give Roger a call or email. Mine never ran hot to the touch and I was driving Martin Logan CLSIIA's and Maggie 3.6's. Mine was well ventilated.