Mahler 5

Does anyone know where I can find a copy (vinyl) of Mahler 5, Eliahu Inbal cond., of the Frankfurt RSO? Thanks.
Hi try this seller. He has many classical LP listed.
I actually have this version but CD. I found this recording is one of the BEST Mahler 5. However, recently, I've been listening to Mahler 5 conducted by Solti with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (London ffrr label/vinyl) and this was wonderful as well.
I had around 15 different versions of Mahler 5. Well, I know that's nothing compare to some others here (someone here have 80 versions???)....
Anyway, that should be a nice vinyl (Inbal/Phillips label), all I tried to say is there are many differents Mahler 5 and all of them are great (except Babriolli version).
Please share with me if you find them!
Linkoping, I find Solti's Mahler under-rated by many - he may not dig as deeply into it aas some but it certainly doesn't lack a certain excitement (and, in general, I'm not a Solti enthusiast). If you don't already have it try Tennstedt's M5 on LP, the recording isn't perfect but the performance is excellent - he puts a lot of bite and drama in his Mahler, all of his Mahler is well worth having in your collection. I share you apparent opinion of Barbirolli. I put it on when I want to take a nap. BTW I think the Inbal/Frankfort is on Denon, at least it is on CD, and to my knowledge there is no relationship between them and Phillip's. Or did Inbal record this twice?

Shventus, I am unaware that the Inbul M5 was available on LP. Wasn't it recorded in the 80's? I agree it is excellent, as is his M3, M8, and M10, in fact the whole series on CD isn't too shabby!