Mahler 5

Does anyone know where I can find a copy (vinyl) of Mahler 5, Eliahu Inbal cond., of the Frankfurt RSO? Thanks.
Hi try this seller. He has many classical LP listed.
I actually have this version but CD. I found this recording is one of the BEST Mahler 5. However, recently, I've been listening to Mahler 5 conducted by Solti with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (London ffrr label/vinyl) and this was wonderful as well.
I had around 15 different versions of Mahler 5. Well, I know that's nothing compare to some others here (someone here have 80 versions???)....
Anyway, that should be a nice vinyl (Inbal/Phillips label), all I tried to say is there are many differents Mahler 5 and all of them are great (except Babriolli version).
Please share with me if you find them!
Linkoping, I find Solti's Mahler under-rated by many - he may not dig as deeply into it aas some but it certainly doesn't lack a certain excitement (and, in general, I'm not a Solti enthusiast). If you don't already have it try Tennstedt's M5 on LP, the recording isn't perfect but the performance is excellent - he puts a lot of bite and drama in his Mahler, all of his Mahler is well worth having in your collection. I share you apparent opinion of Barbirolli. I put it on when I want to take a nap. BTW I think the Inbal/Frankfort is on Denon, at least it is on CD, and to my knowledge there is no relationship between them and Phillip's. Or did Inbal record this twice?

Shventus, I am unaware that the Inbul M5 was available on LP. Wasn't it recorded in the 80's? I agree it is excellent, as is his M3, M8, and M10, in fact the whole series on CD isn't too shabby!
Thanks for the input. Why not Solti? I have the 3 with Solti (CD) and it's wonderful as well. Many people claim Bernstein is great, but he is too sonic-boom for me. Even Barbriolli got 5 stars plus on all the reviews, the conducting was terrible. Again, some rating are not truth at all... more marketing purpose.
Regarding Inbal, you are right. It's a Denon, NOT Phillips. I was just confusing when wrote the previous post.
I never seen Inbal on LP, but who know?
Was Inbal one of Bernstein's student?????
My favorite Mahler 5 is part of a special issue set by Haitink and the Concertgebouw that was recorded over a 10 year period each Christmas day. It is a special import from the Netherlands. It is very intense, and not at all like his lame studio recordings.

Barbirolli's 5 is one of the few Mahler recordings that I've sold. He is vastly over-rated by the British music press who adored him. His #6 is interesting, however.

Solti is probably best avoided in Mahler, expect for his towering achievement in #8.

Chailly is often highly regarded in #5. His playing is very clean with a good sound, but very superficial. I've been duped into buying too many Chailly recordings by the reviewers.

Bernstein's DG set is where I learned my Mahler. Although he is overly dramatic and, at times, hysterical, that set is an incredible achievement and represents Bernstein in his element.

Linkoping, when you talk about Bernstein, are you talking about his recordings with Vienna or New York? Very different things...
I actually prefered Vienna version of Bernstein over the New York. Hard to explain, but the Vienna have more "emotion" into it.
Ok, to answer Newbee, I actually have the TennStedt version as well (Angel record/45RPM/London Orch.) and it's great version as well... I almost forgot.
Rtn1, for Solti set, I evaluate 8 the best for sure, but the 5 is better than I've expected. I didn't like his other though. The Concertgebouw is a great record as well since the orchestra are extremely anwsome. I'm not familar with Chailly but also heard that he is too "clean".
Bernstein is for sure overly damatic, except conduct Shos #5.
How can one be over dramatic for Mahler......Bernstein has the full measure of these works like no other conductor. I generally prefer his early Sony set over the newer DG set with a couple exceptions, one being his DG 5th.

I agree with Newbee that Solti is often overlooked as Mahler conductor, but he is better than most if not quite reaching very top tier.

The Inbal/Denon series is OK, and had good sound for its time but I can't think of any Inbal Mahler performance that can be seriously considered as near reference for that symphony. I have the Inbal 5th but own many others that would rank ahead of it.
Slightly off topic, but since Megasam mentioned Bernstein, the one Bernstein performance that I consistently go back to is his live M9 with the Berliner Philharmoniker (1979). This is one of the most exciting M9 I have in my collection and totally unlike his Vienna performance (also on DG) or his NYPO series. If you have never heard it, try to do so.
Actually Bernstein's live 9th is one of the best performances of this piece. IMO, etc.