MAM-A Mitsui vs. Taiyo Yuden - Which One?

I am looking for quality blank CDRs to make duplicates of my CDs. I have noticed improvement in playback over original using even Sony Brand. I have done some research here and so far the Mitsui and Taiyo keeps coming up. I can get the Taiyo for as low as $22 for a 100 bundles. While the Mitsui is much more expensive at around $90 per 100 bundles. Why so much price variance? Thanks in advance for your input.
What I want to know is where you can get Taiyo for $22? Right now I use MAM-A, but I'm willing to switch!
Try here, though not as low as $22...These are the ones made in Japan, which are the preferred ones.

You can get as low as $22.00 shipping included from Ebay. Don't know if this is made in Japan or not. From my research Japan is the only source that make Taiyo - ya right!
Mark, thanks for the tip. I don't know why the MAM-A is so much more. They're gold, could that be it? Doesn't seem right. My friends in the music business (film score composers) all use the MAM-A but I never asked why.
I own a media duplication company and we have used many thousands of Taiyo Yuden discs. They are well made and the
number of faulty discs we find are minimal. I would be especially wary of any discs you buy off of E-Bay. The savings vs. buying from a legitimate distributor are minimal at best and you might get stuck with a box of "no name" factory rejects being passes off as TYs.
Rather than worrying about saving a few pennies on blank CD-R discs, you might want to consider burning your CD copies on a commercial CD recorder at 1X speed. I've made hundreds just that way and NEVER have playback problems of any type - even with the duplicates I pass on to friends - if the FIRST CD disc is burned at regular playback speed.
Avideo, what exactly did you mean when you said,

"if the FIRST CD disc is burned at regular playback speed."

Is that somethin that had to do with using a professional duplicator? Thanx
I buy Taiyo Yuden only and burn them 4X CD or DVD, best place to buy is , they sell Original , i ordered from other web site they were fake i returned all 100 CD-r back for refund, enjoy best of the best life is too short.