Manley Jumbo Shrimp

The pre-amplifier search continues.

Unfortunately it is difficult to find local dealers to sample the candidates.

Has anyone heard the jumbo shrimp?  If so how would you describe its sound?



Ran one for years, mostly with Manley Mahi Mahi mono blocks to great affect.  This is a sweet preamp with lots of drive.  Moving from the stock tubes to upgraded will improve its performance.  Upgraded power cord will improve its performance.  Placing it on a very decent stand such as a Quadraspire SVT will improve its performance.

This is a very sweet piece for the used cost of around $2,000  And it's just cool retro.  Why do I not run it now?  The tube preamp is simply just not fast enough for my active tower speakers.  Best of luck with one.


I can speak to Manley as a company... they make top shelf product and have outstanding support