Ayre V-5xe pops off/Manley Shrimp

Just purchased this amp and when I power up the Shrimp pre the Ayre pops off. I have changed interconnects and power cords with no change at all. If I run the Ayre directly into my Audio Aero Capitole it's fine, so I am guessing there is some type of an issue between the Ayre and the Shrimp. Thoughts??
My guess, (hey Al, want to chime in?) is that the Shrimp is
emitting a little bit of DC and the Ayre doesn't like it and
is shutting down.

Probably need to have EveAnna look at it.
I agree with Mofi, it sounds like the Shrimp is leaking so DC which is tripping the Ayre's protection circuits. Maybe some caps need to be replaced in the Shrimp.
Interesting speculation.

I recall reading a somewhat energetic exchange of posts between Ralph (Atmasphere) and another member concerning whether a linestage or pre can leak DC. Ralph was quite adamant that should never happen. If the DC leakage speculation is correct, I guess the unexpected can sometimes occur.

What is particularly surprising here is that Manley makes very good gear and one would think this could never happen. I wonder if Manley pre/linestages use output caps. If so, I am puzzled by how DC could find its way to the output taps.
Have you tried new tubes in the pre? I had a bad tube in my Audio Research pre cause an amp to shut down.
Thanks guys for all the ideas. Here is what is happening now/update. First I power up the pre first. The amp was boxed for six months or so. I have had the amp in stand by mode for 3 days now and the very faint hum i heard is gone and when I power up the amp is stays on 99% of the time. If it does pop off and I turn the amp back on it stays on and sounds wonderful. Maybe I will call Manley and see what they have to say. Thanks again

Glad to read the good news Bill. Although not very likely, because you mentioned the amp just came out of the closet, I wonder if it amp needed a little time to reform caps. Six (6) months doesn't sound like a long time ... but who knows. You might want to make a call to Ayre's tech folks too just to see if they have any ideas. In any case, it seems like you're on your way. Enjoy!!