Manley stingray and tannoy

Hi all I have a pair of tannoy revolution signature dc 6 standmount speakers that I would love to try with a Manley stingray, any thoughts about this would be greatly appreciated. The speakers are 8ohms and 88 dB my room is 7 metres by 4 metres ceiling height of 2.9 metres with wooden floorboards. I don't listen at overly loud volumes but have been known on the odd occasion to crank it up a little. Thankyou
I used a Stingray to run a pair of 85db 4ohm towers in a 5 x 6 meter room with no trouble, you'll be fine.

FYI, Mullard CV4024's sound wonderful in that unit.
Stingrays are robust amps, I ran Maggie 1.6s with one and it worked pretty good so 88db and 8 OHMs would be a cakewalk I imagine...
Philjolet, Was your Stingray an early one? I understand the power has been reduced on the later models due to different transformers.

I ran SMGa Maggies with original Quad tube monos with 15 watts. I did not try them with large scale music, but the midrange on simple music was oh so nice.
Rrog, yes mine was the first model out.

I did not know the power was lowered on later models...
Philjolet, I also have the first model which is rated at 50wpc. The newer models are 40wpc due to a lower voltage power transformer.

Call Manley and ask them about using the stingray with your speakers. They generally are very helpful on the phone and will give you their opinion.
Maggies are not the awful load some imply.
flat impedance and moderate phase angles make them tube friendly.

I'd look for the same with the Tannoys to determine if it'd be at least a good electrical match.
Thanks for the replies everybody, I did what Mds suggested and I emailed EveAnna at Manley directly. I was very suprised to hear back from her within twelve hours. She was very nice and said that they would be a good match, apparently they have all tannoy speakers in their factory, and she said she is tannoys number one fan. I was just wondering if anyone else has had such a prompt reply or good service off Manley or any other brand at all. Thanks guys. Dave
EveAnna was helpful/prompt to me before as well, they offered good service when I owned the Stingray.
Old thread but great thread!

I have been reading non stop for days as I am getting ready to buy speakers and a tube integrated Amp.

I considered Rogue & Cary as well but when it came down to it I have decided to go with the Stingray and the Tannoy Prestige Turnberry SE .

The speakers are a little more than I wanted to spend but I think a good choice!

If any of the earlier posters see this thread give us an update!!
Hello Watchtimes - Did you buy a new Stingray II or a used Stingray?
I just got a used Stingray (2010 model) and really like it. Cool looking amp and sounds great. I just wish there was a dimmer for the front panel logo, too bright at night.
Well I am about to break down and go with the Cary SLI 180.

I am debating the F1 upgrade but think I'm gonna go stock.