Manly Stingray....Opinions from any owners?

I am considering a Manly Stingray II as an amp for my streaming system... The design is intriguing.., I have heard an older model, sounded very nice driving a pair of older Polks.

My question to the owners:

1.) Are u happy with it?

2.) What speakers are u using?

3.) What DAC are u using?

Thank you 



This is a great integrated amp. My best pairing was with Larsen 8.2 speakers.

I replaced my Stingray with a Neo Classic 300B / Mahi monoblock (same amp as Stingray in monoblock format) combo. Couldn't be happier. Driving a pair of Legacy Classic HD speakers and a pair of Legacy Metro subs. ANK 4.1x DAC.


I can’t speak for the Stringray, but I had a pair of Neoclassic 250s once upon a time. They were around 10 years old, maybe a little older, if I remember correctly. I was the second owner.

Truly a great product with great customer service. Never had a day of issue outside of delivery. After being jostled around, one of the tubes had a meltdown and took out a cathode resistor. 

Manley had new resistors soldered with clip-ons for easy installation for the soldered-challenged out to me in a few days. 

Only got rid of them because 20 EL34s made my small room quite toasty and I’m a cold-weather bear. 

Definitely miss them.

Thanks KD...My limited interaction with the company has been solid so far...appreciate the feedback

I agree; their service and support are second to none.

They don't chase reviews and play the normal industry games so they fly under the radar.

Most folks buying high end gear don't use their ears. Without at least one review, they're lost.

My Manley gear is here to stay.

I continue to lust for a Massive Passive for my studio. Their pro gear is loved and respected by many top industry pros. These guys do use their ears; their jobs depend on it.

Love my Stingray II. Had it for 10 years in a secondary system and it’s been worry-free beyond blowing the mains fuse twice, which is a quick fix. Easy on tubes; responsive to tube rolling (but does not require it); sounds terrific with my Merlin TSM-MMi and a mini SVS sub, energizing a very large room like a full-range system. EL-84s are wonderful tubes. Plus, it’s a conversation-starter that looks cool in my living room. I run it with an Auralic Aries Mini with S-Booster power supply for streaming Tidal. While I can’t say this system rivals my 3-turntable vinyl system (at a tenth the cost), I could easily live with it as my only one if needs were, it sounds that good. Highly recommended.

A quick update... purchased The Stingray II and awaiting arrival this Friday from Upscale!

poke, I doubt you will be disappointed.  I have a pair of Snapper mono amps and have been pleased with the performance and service by Manley.

I had the chance to tour the Manley facility twice with my (then) local audio club.  It was impressive with how much they do in-house.  Likely more than half their production is for pro audio products and that care and design carries over to their home audio.  Eve Anna has brought together a dedicated staff that truly loves music.  Their products reflect that.

Thanks pryso, I will evaluate and advise! So far the entire experience has been excellent....