Maple Shades Double Helix V2 or Anti Cables?

Looking to replace my DH Labs cables, interconnects, power cords, etc.  I'm debating between the 2 brands above so what's the verdict?  I'm leaning towards Anti Cables.  I'm shocked that after many years of owning and using DH Labs product and comparing them to basically a cheaper version of speaker wires, etc from Blue Jeans cable company, let me just say that my system sounded better with Blue Jeans cable than with DH Labs...  

I was informed that the silver that DH Labs uses is not a real good conductor and that is why Blue Jeans wires OFC copper wires sound a lot better.  I used to once think that speaker wires, interconnects and power cords were all snake oil crap.  Well, it is not!  However, I'm a firm believer that you don't have to spend a boat load of money in order to obtain good quality sound from your audio.  Spending thousands in speaker wires, etc it's just not my thing..  
Antis have a trial period, just try them. I've used them in my rig for at least 10 years. How would anyone in an anonymous internet forum know which will sound better in your house? 
If you need balanced, I have if you can use it, 2 - 1 meter of AntiCables top of the line silver  Let me know