Mapletree Audio Design Preamps.

I'm looking for a tube preamp to replace my Musical Fidelity M2si. Searching classifieds here and elsewhere I've come across Mapletree Preamplifiers for sale that seem to be ridiculously inexpensive. A visit to their website and I floored by their pricing. A new Line 2CRM with a power supply listed for $800.00 new. It seems like a giant killer. Looks like it has everything you need and nothing you don't. Any endorsements or criticism of this product would be most welcome. Thanks in Advance
The rest of my system consists of.
Audiolab 6000CDT
Musical Fidelity V-90 DAC
Musical Fidelity M2si (pre-amp out)
Musical Fidelity X-P200
ESS RM II 6" monitors.


I was always intrigued by Mapletree.  I never had the opportunity to hear one,however they always seem to get really great reviews by owners.  I’m guessing that these reviews are accurate because of the fact they only rarely show up on the used market.   Good luck with your search.  

Thanks. I playing with the idea of getting a new line stage from them. I don't need or want a phono section.
To be honest I can't really complain about the M2si as a preamp other than the fact there are no tubes in it.

It looks interesting -- but it's passive, right? So, no additional gain. Are you good with that?

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I see -- well 10db might be enough for you? All I know is that for my system, passive was flat, lifeless -- but, I don't know what 10db of gain might be like. Seems like an interesting experiment for the right system. The other side of the coin, here, is that it might be hard to re-sell if you don't like it.

I don't know.  I have a decent sized power amp 125 wpc @ 8 Ω and MF claims 75 amps of current peak to peak. My speakers are fairly efficient 94db @ 1 watt/1 meter. So gain in the preamp stage might not be that big an issue.  It's all about synergy. Finding components that work well together. If I find the right tube preamp for my MF X-P200. I really think it be the final piece of the puzzle in my search for the audio Holy Grail.

@dierksb If it were me, I'd call Mapleshade, talk to them about what you have and what you seek to experience, sonically, and whether they have a return policy.

It's Maple tree and they're in Canada. I sent an email to contact them and I haven't received a reply.