Marantz 7T replacement fronts ???

Does anyone know where I can buy a couple front panels for Marantz 7 T preamplifier........Thanks
I found a 3300 in perfect shape on EBay for 75.00. I just waited and then there it was.. I love the old Marantz look. The 7C, 7T, 33 and 3300 ALL great looking. Of course the 7C is the holy Grail for some..
I have a perfect 33 and 3300, the 3300 dead quiet... Rare!!

I've seen that faceplate a few times. Usually Canada, don't know why..

Find a sheet metal shop in your area that can give you the right metal size and find a shop that can do silk screening , the shop that you get the metal from should be able to Anodize the face plate, then from there you can have the silk screener  do your lettering with the correct font's.
Yes you are right , I could make my own for about 500-600 each.....I'll get right on that........Will
WOW, that would be cheap for just a few, think of the work to do just one.
Mercy.. 100.00 per hour for machine time. IF the guy is willing to work for half price. There would be a price drop at 100 + pieces..

EBay.  Keep an eye out. I just looked. It took me 3 months to find one at 75.00. It may take a year and be 200.00. Be patient, a FP will land in your lap... :-)

Nan, did not cost me that much, I paid 150.00 for the whole process, but like they say '' A sucker is born every minute" if you pay 500 or 600.
I have a new one still in the original paper wrap.  Interested?  I would not know what to charge.
jimnicki1;    Jim you can call me about the front if you want, I definitely want it................1-208-791-0805