Marantz Projector or OPPO-83/93 video

I have a Marantz Video Projector the VP-11S2 and a OPPO BDP-83.
I have the OPPO in video bypass for the Marantz Processor.
I checked it out initially and could not see a difference and Bypassed the OPPO for no other reason then I figured it was one less processing step.

I am now looking at buying the OPPO 93 for the streaming capabilities. (Netflix)

Questions :
Is there anyone that knows if the newer Video chip in the 93 is better then the Marantz ?
Am I wasting my time in buying a newer Blu-Ray player if I am bypassing the Video signal ?
Am I simply better off finding another way to stream the Netflix ?
Any suggestions on an alternative way to stream the video ?
I have Directv and I have it hooked up to my computer via Ethernet.
My HT Processor has an Ethernet Connection.

If your main goal is to stream NetFlix, I suggest you get an Apple TV. I have both Oppo 93 and Apple TV and I found that Apple TV produces smoother video and its interface is much easier to use than the Oppo.

Apple TV is due for a refresh probably next week. If you are interested, you might want to wait for a few days before jumping in.