Marantz SA7S2

Has anyone heard this player?? who does it compare to the SA7S1? I'm looking for a new player and although I listen mostly to Vinyl I really would like to get the nicest player I can within a reasonable budget, around 6K. Any input/suggestions are welcomed.
Thanks in advance
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If you can stretch your budget to 7K, the Ayon CD-3 may be a good choice. I listened to the Ayon CD-1 which is a model below and impressed.

I have also listened to the Marantz SA7S1. While I don't have a chance to direct A/B comparison, my impression is that the redbook CD performance of the Ayon CD-1 is at least at par with the Marantz, if not better. The 6 moons review is spot on with this player.
Greeni, do you know if there are any differences between the Ayon CD-1 and CD-1S sonically? How do you rank these Ayon players in terms of sonic performance, CD-1, CD-1S, CD-7 and CD-5? Thanks.
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