Marantz Sa8001 vs higher models.

Can Marantz cdp Sa-8001 sonically compete with its bigger brother like Sa-15 or Sa-11? I'm eying on the Sa-11S2 and just don't want to get beat up by the lesser Stereophile's Class-A 8001 or 8003.
Thanks a millions for reading.
Because a used Marantz SA-8001 is around $500 while the one I'm eying on, SA-11S2, is $2K, used. I'm collecting thoughts to make sure the ratio of performance & price is a well money spent.
Can you audition them or will you be buying in the blind?If the latter is the case,I'd get the 8001.If it doesn't fit your tastes,it will be easy to sell as it's a very popular model.Then buy the 11S2.You might not like it either,the wheel goes round and round!!!!!Just a thought.Good luck.
Stereophile did a review of the SA-8001 in 2007 and said it bettered the venerable SA-15s1 and Benchmark Dac. Excelent construction with a wide deep soundstage and one of the best redbook players available, and fantastic with SACD discs. I have moved to a modded unit, take a look at my Ad mine is 5 months old. Exc Cond.