Marantz SR7012 and Mcintosh MC2205 - trying to blend old and new

Let me start by saying I like vintage Mcintosh gear, as I sold Mac gear in the 70's. I currently have a Marantz SR7012 for 7.1 that includes dual Klipsch subwoofers for home theater use- - it offers a lot of flexibility for WiFi, HEOS, streaming. etc. I just acquired a Mcintosh MC2205 (rebuilt) and have elected to use the McIntosh to power the L/R Front (Paradigm Reference) speakers via pre-outs on the Marantz to the Mac. This gives me some of the nostalgia I yearn, and has great sound of course for digital sources.

Playing LP's (Pioneer PL570 w Shure Type IV) through the Marantz preamp is likely not likely as good as say a Mcintosh C26/C28/C29, so I have considered going analog with a preamp, BUT I lose some of the modern touches. I cannot afford any of the newer Mcintosh preamps that offer similar features to the Marantz, and am looking for your insight on a possible lash up using my existing gear and say a Mac C26. Is it worthwhile to consider a C26 get the phono preamp sound I want? Would I use dual RCA inputs (splitters) to the MC2205 and just be careful not to have both preamps on at once, or is this whole idea silly? Also, how would my subs connect to a C26 if I decided to go analog? I see it has two stereo Main outputs. 

Sorry for my long message, but I suspect this is not an uncommon question from those that do not have an unlimited budget. Thanks in advance for not trashing my naivete.





After further consideration, it seems silly to use two preamplifiers in some Rube Goldberg lash up. I think my best route is to buy a tube (or SS) phono preamp stage and connect it to an AUX input on my Marantz. I should get a warmer sound than the Marantz's phono stage might offer, and still maintain all of my new A/V features.